Weekend Wibble: improbable chums

Is there anything more aww-inspiring than unlikely pairs of animal friends? You’ve seen the dog nursing tiger cubs, now check out this macaque who has befriended a white pigeon. The Daily Mail reports that the baby monkey was found abandoned at only 12 weeks of age. He remained dispirited in the zoo until he met his pigeon buddy.

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  1. Coincidentally, Barista posted yesterday about this interesting site with this great story.
    Girlchild and I are sitting at both computers on the desk in our study, and the air is full of the chatter of keys. What a pair of geeky nerdy nerds. I must get out into the garden now.

  2. Sorry, link to the other site doesn’t work but the Barista post gives it to you anyway.

  3. Aw, polar bear and husky! Nice.

  4. I saw this picture on CuteOverload yesterday and it totally gives me the creepy-crawlies because I have an irrational fear and loathing of pigeons. Basically, how most people feel about snakes, that’s me with pigeons. On an objective level, its a very cute picture, I’ll admit!

  5. Here’s another one!
    (“Petloaf”: Mmmmpfh! (Coffee on keyboard) )
    (Regular Creek Running North readers will be familiar with the big fellow.)
    In other CRN news: got hitched!!
    On Changing Names: I suggested be both go Goatse, but Chef wasn’t that into it.
    Coffee on keyboard again.

  6. Um, should be “Lauren got hitched”


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