We’re back

Fancy that. I’m not quite sure what broke the blog, as the upgrading seemed to be going so well at first, so I will be moving carefully from now on.

The look of the blog has been reverted to the default WordPress template tweaked to at least give us some familiar images while I sort the rest of the upgrading out.

Comments are now enabled again, as maintenance mode is off.

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  1. OK, we’ve got our hoydens back and the sidebar pretty much how I like it. I’ll play with font colours and backgrounds tomorrow.

  2. But but but, Emma’s right down at the bottom…
    Perhaps it’s my browser though…

  3. She’s always been down the bottom of the sidebar since I moved from Blogger, and once you get away from the front page the sidebar is shorter.
    Or are you finding that she’s falling to the bottom of the whole page?

  4. Actually, on second look, I had too many sidebar modules on the single posts. Less cluttered now, and easier to see Emma!

  5. Testing: I was also getting a weird glitch when making a comment, and I’ve turned off the quicktags plugin to see if that gets rid of it.
    Update: no, it wasn’t just the quicktags plugin, although the glitch is slightly different now I’ve turned it off. Anyone else having the comment box disappear after your comment has been accepted?

  6. Is the backdrop coming back?.

  7. Yep comment box went awol.

  8. The backdrop will be back!
    Strange about the comments – I’ll have to check the known bugs report.
    Is the blog at least loading faster for everyone? Because that was the main idea.

  9. OK, if you refresh your browser the backdrop will be back.
    Update: And now, the comment box went awol but returned about 20 seconds later. Very strange.

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