Gratuitous Official International Kilt Day men in kilts blogging

Today is indeed International Kilt Day – at least, so says, and who am I to argue when it means that I thus have a totally reasonable excuse to satisfy Beppie’s desire to see David Tennant and John Barrowman in kilts? Alas, I can’t find a shot of them together in kilts, which is probably just as well for the sake of fangirl equilibrium around the globe.

tennant barrowman
Tennant’s at an awards ceremony, and Barrowman’s racing off to his civil commitment ceremony with his partner Scott Gill (awww)

But wait! There’s more!

Barrowman gets a little playful:

Barrowman playful

These are not the only Men from the TARDIS to don the kilt! ((no Christopher Eccleston kilted that I could find ~Alas)) ETA: Here Tom Baker dons the Great Kilt rather than one of these convenient modern jobs.


Perhaps it’s something about space travel?

Ewan MacGregor (Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Eps 1,2,3) dons a kilt at the drop of a hat:


Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard, Star Trek: TNG) looked just dandy in Ancient Roman tunic in I Claudius (can’t find a shot online, might have to resort to a screenshot from my DVD)

Sean Connery, who has starred in more than one low budget sci-fi flick in his day:


Oh, surely I have a sci-fi excuse for Alan Rickman? oh yes, Galaxy Quest!


And to answer the perennial question, a few disturbing images (may Not be Safe for Some Workplaces): The Kilt Inspector, Iron John, Kilted Pride’s Danger Zone.

P.S. David Tennant also looks FINE in breeches


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  1. Wow, very comprehensive! All I have to add is a counter-example: How Not To Do A Kilt, by Vivienne Westwood.

    The way you’ve put those first two side by side it almost looks like the same picture anyway… *is mesmerised*

  3. Saved these just waiting for you to turn up, Beppie. Not strictly kilts, of course, but:

    (click for larger images)

  4. You’re indulging me far too much– I’ll never get any work done on my thesis at this rate! 😀 Of course, one must quote Captain Jack here:
    ”Under any other circumstances, an exuberant Roman* soldier would be my idea of a perfect morning.”
    *Or Greek, or Trojan…

  5. Is it just me, or is that naughty Mr Tennant wearing his sporran just a little bit lower than most chaps do?

  6. Hmm… I don’t know. I’ll have to enlarge the image and inspect it more closely. 😛

  7. Nothing wrong with capes.

  8. Ooh. Can anyone play?
    I still fit my kilt (this is a 15 and a half year old photo):

    (Hoydenna – please feel free to turn into an img )
    rpg’s last blog post..Just in passing

  9. Great shot, rpg! You both look loverly.

    P.S. the real test is whether you can still fit the jacket!

  10. You forgot to include a picture of Jamie, a companion to the second doctor! Apparently he was a highlander at Culloden who stumbled on the TARDIS one day.
    TimT’s last blog post..Lesson for the day!

  11. ah, you see, I can wear that unbuttoned!
    (But it’s the shoulders that are tight.)
    rpg’s last blog post..Just in passing

  12. Ohh… Sean Bean in a dress, and Eric Bana in a short skirt. How lovely.
    Deborah’s last blog post..Carnival of Feminists #53

  13. TimT, how could I have forgotten Jamie?

    The mister and I went to Culloden as part of our honeymoon tour of Scotland. A fascinating place, and such an insinuating atmosphere. The idea of a “field of Culloden” seems bizarre when faced with the enormous clumps of gorse on the battle zone – it must have been a very strange feeling to not know whether friend or foe would come around the next large bush as you walked around.

  14. Patrick Troughton – one of the best actors to ever play the Doctor

  15. Thank you, oh thank you!

  16. Kilts were quite comfortable to wear, although one had to learn how to walk and run with a bit of a sashay to avoid being struck uncomfortably by the sporran. The only time I really regretted wearing a kilt was on a particular day when only sergeants and above had to wear kilts, with the lowly grunts wearing standard kit, and we had to take them to a rifle range across a large swathe of waist-high thistles. Was I glad I wasn’t attired like a good Scot THAT day! It was bad enough copping thistles CLOSE to my nether regions.
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..Literacy and DVDs

  17. I’m wincing in sympathy, Dave.

  18. What a coincidence … I just this week discovered that there’s a photo of me in my kilt up online. You can find it here — it’s the furthest right photo in the third row from the top.
    Brooklynite’s last blog post..Knobby knees!

  19. Rickman? What’s up with that. A Celt, to be sure; his mum’s from Wales and his dad’s Irish. But he was born in Hammersmith. He’s not a Scot. What’s he doing in a kilt?

  20. Thanks for the fab photos, they are just what I needed on a crummy afternoon. My husband says he wore a kilt when he was in boy scouts, but no photos have surfaced. Unfortunately, he’s rejected my suggestions to dig it out and try it on. (And check out the photos from the Barrowman-Gill commitment ceremony. It looks like it was a lot more fun than the standard Hollywood wedding.)
    Peggy’s last blog post..Inhuman Love

  21. Thomas, perhaps Rickman’s Irish ancestors were actually immigrants from Scotland, like many in the Northern counties? My own Irish ancestors certainly were of Scottish descent.
    Peggy, thanks for the link to more Barrowman kilty goodness.
    Brooklynite, you look very fetching.

  22. Brooklynite, thanks for linking that interview, it’s one of the nicest celebrity interviews I’ve ever read. And those extra pictures were scrumptious– Scott Gill ain’t half bad either. 😛
    Oh, and I love that Burns actually does wear glasses (this will make more sense if you’ve seen ep. 2.05 of Torchwood, which I have obtained through naughty means).

  23. Rickman’s dad was Catholic, though it’s still a possibility, especially if they were a Gallowglas family (descended from late medieval mercenaries who immigrated to the Ulster). There’s a world of connection, though — my mother’s people went from Scotland to Ireland to Scotland to the US. I’m pretty ambivalent about the Irish wearing kilts anyway, since their culture is so closely related to the Scots; but as a matter of cultural preservation, the bigger and more cohesive Irish diaspora in the US threatens to overwhelm and absorb the Scottish diaspora, so … it’s a concern.

  24. Here via Feministe–thank you so much for these wonderful pictures, especially of David and John side by side. Mrowr!

  25. Well, it’s probably a publicity shot anyway, Thomas. Presumably he’s played a kilted part at some time in his long career.
    Another Irish actor (and sci-fi spacefarer) looking good in a kilt is of course Liam Neeson as Rob Roy.

  26. I suppose Rickman’s was probably for a role; he’s done so many character roles.
    Who I wanted to see and didn’t was Kevin McKidd, Lucius Vorenus from Rome and Tommy in Trainspotting. He’s from Elgin, he’s a brick house, and I have yet to see him in a kilt.

  27. The Rickman photo is from a Vanity Fair spread on the British theatre. So he’s not in character, and this is probably more the result of how he wants to be seen. Either way, still hot.

  28. I love my Who Scotsmen! 🙂
    (and managed to convince my husband and his groomsmen to wear kilts for our wedding last summer… a sixpack of men in kilts? Heavenly. *grin*)

  29. Orlando, I wonder whether perhaps he was appearing in that sweet Mr Shakespeare’s Scottish Play at the time of the photo shoot?
    But definitely, kiltie + bare feet + majestic pose = hottie

  30. P.S. all you readers here via Feministe and Feministing: I’ve put up some videos of Tennant and Barrowman in the Sunday YouTubery post. Sans kilts, sadly, but still rather delish.

  31. McGregor. No A. 😛 heh

  32. Yes, but Mel’s been a right turnoff in recent years, with the various rampant bigotries. Sad, he was such a talent once.

  33. It’s International Kilt Day again! ( We can’t possibly let it go by without celebrating!
    Chally’s last blog post..Women, Power and Politics exhibition at the International Museum of Women

  34. Well spotted, Chally! We may as well just revive this thread then – any one got any great shots of men in kilts? Shots that are Safe For Work will be admin-magicked if you leave a link in comments.

  35. I like this one:

    Gone with the wind, originally uploaded by duncanrobertson

  36. What a beauty Tigtog! I imagine that would be really hard on the arms and shoulders. They’ve just had the highland games, so here’s a shot of the hammertoss:

    originally uploaded by lesleysilvia

  37. @ su:
    An intensely concentrating kiltie!
    Those who wish to browse could do worse than the Flickr group Kilted Life.
    None of you really needed to do anything else today, did you?

  38. Thank you kindly. NOW there’s nothing else I really needed to do today :P. Believe me, I was at dinner with Scottish friends the other day and I brought Kilt Day up. I have no shame.
    I think this one’s sweet.
    And this one… has David Tennant and Billie Piper.
    Admin magic, if I may.
    [Admin note Kilt Day 2010 – these images are no longer available at those links 😦 ]

  39. There is always room for David Tennant in a kilt, I say. (though it’s a pity that he had had a nasty stomach bug for two weeks right before those awards and therefore was even more of a stick than usual, bless him…how do I know these things?)
    Mr Bene, living in Scotland, has a friend who may stand up in the wedding and who will wear a kilt if he does. Reverend Mother Benesmum objects as ‘it won’t match’, Bene and Mr Bene don’t give two figs either way.

  40. Marrying a Scotsman? You are living my dream. Except my dream is of Mr Tennant. So a bit different.
    Chally’s last blog post..Women, Power and Politics exhibition at the International Museum of Women

  41. No, sorry but I have to disagree with you Bene. David Tennant is too skinny to carry a kilt off well. You need rugby thighs a la Barrowman or it just ends up looking like a knobbly-knee competition (and living in Edinburgh, I see a LOT of those… Living in Edinburgh you could say it’s kilt day every day.)
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Now you’re taking the piss…

  42. Heh, Chally, no, Mr Bene is a Yorkshireman. He just happens to live in Glasgow.
    DEM: Probably, but I like DT in everything…and out of everything.

  43. Here’s a beauty of a kilt-wearing man with a great smile, taken at the Maryland Renaissance Festival (not my photo):

  44. While looking for the lovely tartan that Prince Charles wears I came across this site:
    which says this about David Tennant:
    “British actor, who plays Barty Crouch, Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”
    They don’t get Dr Who over there. Or they haven’t bothered updating it.

  45. Mindy — is it possible that the site simply hasn’t been updated since Tennant took over as the Doctor? He did appear in Harry Potter first, after all.

  46. @ oldfeminist:
    That is a great shot of a great smile, but the Flickrer takes their All Rights Reserved seriously and I can’t do admin magick on it 😦

  47. It’s like the Looking Glass garden around here – all roads lead back to Tennant ; ) For the love of dog why can I find no images of Kevin McKidd in a kilt? There are nowhere near enough deerhounds on flickr either. Where can I lodge a complaint?

  48. I am of the opinion that that is precisely where all roads should lead, su. *sighs*
    Okay, now I’m going to stop with the Tennant love.
    Chally’s last blog post..‘Women the new pimps in human trafficking trade’


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