“For the first time, it is possible to determine by a simple, rapid and inexpensive method if a woman has got a G spot or not.”


Well, surprise me cunt!

“We’ve hit the G spot, say scientists”. Yet another Italian science team has added to the body of “knowledge” by claiming that some women have G-spots and some don’t.

Emmanuele Jannini writes about developing a “clinical test” for the presence or absence of a G-spot. Soon, ham-fisted blokes will be able take their frigid chicky-babes down to the clinic for an intravaginal ultrasound if they don’t seem to be adequately satisfied with a few strokes of the magnificent meat-pistol. Rate your woman, for only $89.95 plus GST.

If the tissue is thicker on the front side of the vagina, a woman gets a big G-spot tick. If not, ba-bowwww! No G-spot, honey, so no fun for you. Just lie back and think of England. Has no one read Koedt’s Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm?

As Professor Whipple of Rutgers notes, the study only examined 20 women. Women report that their G-spot tends to swell when they are aroused. Random ultrasounds tell you nothing, except that some women aren’t turned on by a strange chap in a dark-filled room wielding a plastic-wrapped ultrasound probe.

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone to, y’know, talk to actual women. Touch caringly, and find out what feels good. No, we need a machine that goes ping, so that we can claim that we now have objective measurements of women’s pleasure, and a classification system that categorises half of us defective. I predict that expensive “therapies” will be on the market within twelve months. New Scientist continues:

…ultrasound could be used to test whether a woman has a G spot or not.

If [it] does, it may even be possible to increase its size using testosterone, which both the clitoris and Skene’s glands can respond to. This could increase sexual responsiveness, but could be dangerous in women with normal testosterone levels. Jannini is running a trial in post-menopausal women and those who have experienced early menopause to see if testosterone treatment can increase the size of the G spot as measured by vaginal ultrasound.

Because that’s what’s wrong with frosty women who refuse to orgasm! Not enough testosterone! Not only are they anatomically broken, they’re hormonally-challenged by their very femaleness.

Maybe next they’ll invent a device to find the clitoris. Make it vibrate, and everyone wins.

p.s. Note: this post is based on the newspaper and New Scientist reports, not on the full article. If anyone can get to this full-text article via here, would you mind letting me know? Cheers.

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  1. I predict that expensive “therapies” will be on the market within twelve months.
    The only way I’d take that on a bet is if I were betting on the under.
    amanda w’s last blog post..Hey, that feels pretty damn familiar.

  2. It’s a sucker bet, alright.

  3. “Maybe next they’ll invent a device to find the clitoris.”
    As they said on “Coupling”: How difficult IS front and centre?

  4. I’m gonna carry out my own research and conclude that MEN ARE BIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE TO PLEASE WOMEN. That’ll teach their egos.
    Mary Tracy9’s last blog post..The Real Reason

  5. Thanks for writing about this. It came up on a science forum I frequent and I was too stunned by the tone of the article to write anything coherent. I’ve linked back here, and to various related things at House Hoydenne.
    rpg’s last blog post..Name of a rose!

  6. I was under the impression you could only get a G-spot orgasm from having someone play around there with his or her fingers. So even if it is touted as an excuse to avoid working to make women feel good, that strikes me as factually off-base. Women who orgasm through intercourse do so because their clitoris is getting rubbed. Whether or not that happens depends on his anatomy, yours, and the position you’re having intercourse in. Also, your mood.

  7. Yet another example of the medicalising of human behaviour, & no doubt for two main reasons.
    Let me assure you that it is STILL widely debated in medical circles as to whether women have the capacity to orgasm, in any way whatsoever. And for some, of course, when this fails to occur (usual stats suggest 30% of women have never orgasmed during sex or otherwise) is entirely psychosomatic, & therefore treatable with pharma. Or my favourite is the new syndrome, Female Arousal Disorder, which in some of the lit is out down to poor knowledge of female genitalia or needs therein, but more usually, a combined physiological + psychological “condition” once again treated by pharma.
    Dr Whipple, who I have had the honour of meeting, is appalled at the predictable direction her work is being taken by both medical science & big pharma. She would be the first to say that any sexual dysfunctionalism experienced by a woman should first be viewed as a result of ignorance by the woman’s partner or indeed the woman herself. Once the mysteries of how & where are solved, THEN proceed to a medical intervention if required.
    & as to the g-post – it isn’t a Penthouse invention. Try & track down Whipple “Science of Orgasm” from John Hopkins Uni Press.

  8. Ya. Now watch: they’ll probably be touting stilettos as optimal g-spot stimulators since they’ve recently found high heels to be so scientifically effective in maintaining great pelvic muscle tone. Geniuses.

  9. oh I love this! All very true, of course and needs to be discussed more readily.
    You know talking about female orgasms is one way to clear the room of men. They can’t handle the fact that maybe just maybe the little lady didn’t climax with them! oh dear, too much to handle!
    m’s last blog post..can’t quite keep thoughts straight

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