Followup: medical rape in Australia

Another rapist doctor has been busted – this time, Toorak dermatologist David Wee Kin Tong, who pled guilty on criminal charges for raping seven women and indecently assaulting another seven. The Victorian Medical Board had previously dismissed two allegations of misconduct. Tong was only busted after a police officer’s friend was assaulted.

[Trigger warnings]

For many victims it was their first time seeing a skin specialist, and they did not know what to expect, [the prosecutor] said.

She told Judge Geoffrey Chettle that Tong requested that the women submit to a full body examination and in most cases asked them to strip and lie on an examination table. He felt their genitals and in some cases took photos of them naked without consent, using his mobile phone. On some occasions he asked the victims to pose naked for “body mapping” photographs that could help with their diagnosis and then took pictures of their genitals and naked bodies.

Ms Quin said many of the victims had trusted Tong because he was a doctor. Some noticed Tong sweating, shaking and panting during examinations.

Defence counsel blamed the rapes on the defendant’s inability to relate to women because of his strict Pentecostal upbringing, his nerdiness, and a bad ending to a relationship when he was 21 – 29 years ago. Because you just know that somehow, this was going to be blamed on a woman.

For those visiting dermatologists and GPs for skin conditions: yes, it is normal and good medical practice for a doctor doing a full skin check to check on sites under underwear as well. Melanomas and other skin disorders and cancer can occur on covered skin. However, this should be explained clearly. Breast/genital examinations should be performed respectfully, with other body parts covered. You should have the opportunity to request a chaperone (practice nurse or a friend or relative of yours) present during the examination. Dermatologists do sometimes take photos of skin lesions to monitor changes, but not of your full naked body, and only with full and informed consent. You are within your rights to refuse any part of examination and photography.


And following up on the Graeme Reeves case:

Five more victims of Graeme Reeves have gone public in Bega.

There is talk of suing the NSW Medical Board
thinking of suing medical board for failure to stop Graeme Reeves from practising. No medical board has been sued for damages before in either Australia or Britain (our medical regulatory systems are derived from the British system).

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  1. And in another article in The Age, Tong’s brother in law is bemused by it all, standing by Tong as a “perfect gentleman”. The prosecutor has expanded on the excuses, claiming that Tong was “suffering from depression”.
    Newsflash: depression doesn’t cause perfectly normal, compassionate, non-sociopathic “gentlemen” to suddenly turn around and rape a series of women and lie to the Medical Board about it. And people who do suffer from the illness of depression would be quite within their rights to be righteously pissed off at this sort of crap flying around in the courts.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Followup: medical rape in Australia

  2. Quite right. Tens of thousands of people in this country are coping with depression without turning into abusers, rapists and/or liars. Some people with severe acute depression do harm themselves and others, but if his depression was that severe and acute he would not have been functioning well enough to go to the workplace where he abused those patients.
    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Tong is suffering from an acute depressive episode NOW, after he’s been caught and he no longer has access to the gratification of abusing his patients. But that’s got nothing to do with why he abused those patients in the first place.

  3. … so is anybody consulting this creep today ?
    visit Ella’s Child blog for the very lowdown on RNSH killing her husband with their incompetence and their doctor’s failure to grasp the english language.
    Dysthymiac’s last blog post..anodyne feline

  4. More on Reeves:

    Parliament was told yesterday that Mr Reeves was known within hospitals circles in the area as “Chopper Reeves”, after standover man Mark “Chopper” Reed.
    The Liberal Member for Bega, Andrew Constance, said he had been told of the nickname by the doctor’s colleagues in the area at the time.
    But Mr Constance said the doctor was cleared by the local health service, despite his colleagues’ concerns and victims’ complaints to the NSW Medical Board.
    “How did the health service not pick up the phone to the Medical Board and check these credentials?” he said.

  5. There is now a Special Commission of Inquiry into the Reeves situation.

  6. and today we are told
    “A midwife who worked for several years with Mr Reeves at the Hills told the Herald that nurses were often too afraid to confront him about his “rough” treatment of patients and had begged in vain to give the dying woman antibiotics.
    “There were incidents written but that’s not specific to us. I know that the same things went on at the San [Sydney Adventist Hospital] and certainly the same things at Hornsby in the late 1980s and early 1990s,” she said. “He was super aggressive when nursing staff informed him of their concerns.”
    As with the incompetent Patel, what concerns me most is that complaints and warnings were ignored for a long time
    Dysthymiac’s last blog post..anodyne feline

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