Shameful confession: I haven’t kept up with xkcd lately

And so failed to alert the masses to a zombie Feynman sighting.

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  1. Shameful confession #2 :
    It’s weird: most of the bloggers I read most regularly usually turn out to be closet (or not so closet) xkcd fans! (And xkcd probably has the highest percentage of any blogger for items being picked for my “best of” Eclectica feed.)
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..H5N1: Politicians and people just don?t get it

  2. Heee! I’ve noticed that amongst my friends, those of us who have/are aiming for degrees in the humanities are far more tolerant of Mythbusters than those with/aiming for science degrees.

  3. Mythbusters is great for an entertaining introduction to broad empirical testing of hypotheses. Scientific rigor just doesn’t make good television.
    Edited to add: often broad empirical testing is all that you need to debunk an hypothesis. Sometimes all you need to debunk an hypothesis is a sufficiently elegant thought experiment. Rigor is only really required on those line-calls.

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