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I don’t know how many are left, but “Australian Feminism: A Companion.”, ed Barbara Caine is remaindered at Clouston & Hall right now for $19.95. (RRP a hundred bucks).

A huge project which provides information on every aspect of feminism. The first part contains 49 essays each dealing with an issue, debate, area, struggle or focus in Australian feminism. The A-Z of entries include: biographical – each of which contains evaluation of the contribution made; organisational- each has a brief outline and evaluation of the group; and issue entries – giving overviews of topics such as theoretical, activist, and grassroots concerns.

Get ’em while they’re hot.

Edit: I pulled the full editors list from Amazon, rather than taking C&H at its word. by Barbara Caine, Moira Gatens, Emma Grahame, Jan Larbalestier, Sophie Watson, Elizabeth Webby.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Lauredhel. That’s four years of my life right there, so it is a bargain. I was the full time researcher on the project, and wrote much of the book. I can tell you it was a labour of love.
    Emma (co-editor of Australian Feminism, A companion)

  2. Hi Emma! It certainly is a bargain. I’ve taken the book out of the library before, but looked at the RRP as a little out of my range (not that it’s an unreasonable price, or anything). Congratulations on a wonderful achievement – I’m looking forward to owning a copy, and have also donated a copy to my local Femmecon library.

  3. The project also involved making a database of all the original sources to be found on Australian feminism in public libraries and archives. It was a great resource. I don’t know what happened to it when the grant ran out — it was (just) too early for decent data storage, conversion and so on. It probably went to landfill with the laptop. The only remaining vestige of the project was the self-published research guide: Australian feminist organisations 1970-1985 : a research guide from feminist publications Emma Grahame and Janette Joy Prichard. It is in a few libraries.
    Enjoy the book. Some of it will be a bit dated, but it’s all interesting.

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