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  1. I look at Tony Hill with uncontrolled lust and a painful sort of longing. I doubt this will be affected.
    Amanda’s last blog post..Cat Politics …

  2. I second Amanda…but I don’t know why.
    Mindy’s last blog post..And another thing!

  3. But is that the effect of looking at “Tony Hill” or of looking at Robson Greene?

  4. No it’s the whole Tony Hill thing. Robson Greene is too normal, has a wife, child etc. Tony Hill is tormented.
    Mindy’s last blog post..And another thing!

  5. One of the first blogs I ever read was a Psych blog and the blogger made the point that “Forensic Psychology” mainly involved the kind of work that goes on in prisons, with inmates. In other words helping people work backwards from their actions to understand out how they could possibly unpick the years and make a different future for themselves upon release. I haven’t ever been in any doubt that Tony Hill is a kind of fortune teller with a spurious psychological basis, but that has not reduced my enjoyment of WIB one iota. Apart from anything else, Hermione Norris rocks!! (Watch out for the vulnerability ladies, it can be the biggest sucker-punch of them all [/cynicism])

  6. Sigh… Tony.
    I did just finish ‘Beneath The Bleeding’ which was a bit Ehh..I hate to say. Good enough for a long plane ride but didn’t really grip me.
    Though I did buy it at Sydney Airport for $30 with all coins. Great way to lose several pounds of luggage weight.
    Did I miss a book between it and the one set in Germany? Only a vague mention of the crap that went down there…Felt like I’d skipped something.
    Still I heart Tony…

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