7 decades of McNasty McCain

I hadn’t realised until I read this article in the Washington Post that Senator McCain was given the McNasty nickname due to his aggressiveness as a schoolboy. The article details how his temper has manifested on many occasions since his childhood: it’s not just getting angry and having it blow over either. There’s a pattern of vindictive behaviour towards people who have disagreed with him, including trying to have people in junior positions fired for standing up for their bosses against him.

Hard as it is to imagine, McCain could be an even more worrying prospect as President of the USA than the present incumbent.

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  1. At school, he “ridiculed other students”? Great – he’s a bully and a coward. It sounds like McCain’s social skills haven’t matured beyond the elementary school level.
    Are there actually people out there who want THIS MAN’S finger on the button??

  2. To be rigorously fair, lots of people are jerks at school and grow out of it. That on its own means little.
    However, the pattern of a lifetime of aggressive, bullying behaviour does mean that it can’t just be glossed over as some sort of traumatic response to his time as a POW, or to him just getting crankier as he gets older.
    It’s a welcome change to see at least one newspaper in the US MSM moving beyond the velvet-glove reportage with McCain.


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