Gratuitous Hurry-Up-Auntie with that new-season-of-Doctor-Who blogging

Beppie mailed me links to these a few weeks ago (and I forgot to do anything with them!), promotional shots of the scrumptious David Tennant looking all fierce and cool for the just-started 4th season of Doctor Who in the UK. Sigh. Come on Auntie.

I think I like this next one better of the two.

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  1. I have this friend who’s been watching them – pretty damn good, he says. Catherine Tate isn’t as annoying, he says, as one would have feared, he says. Enjoying it thoroughly, he says.
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  2. It’s good that your friend has let you know this so you could share it, Jeremy.
    I always thought Catherine Tate would come good. British comic actors who do dramas have a bit of a habit of being fanfuckingtastic in their roles.

  3. Mary Beard gives the classicist’s thumbs up to one episode set in Pompeii (no real spoilery there.)
    Do not on any account click on the Cambridge Latin Course link she provides; that stuff is pure addiction.

  4. Oh yeah, the pandering to Latin students with Caecilius, Metella, Quintus and co was gold.
    Uh, my friend says.
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  5. Great. Now I’m drooling while at work. :p
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