One of these things is not like the others

Hmmm, which one could it be?

* Wilt Chamberlain, Basketball Hall of Fame inductee

* Musashimaru (born Fiamalu Penitani), Sumo grand champion, highest level

* Danica Patrick, Indy car driver, first-time winner

If you guessed that it’s the woman who won a sporting event who is being accused of having “an unfair physical advantage” due to her physical variations from most of the other people in the sport, you’d be absolutely right. Funny how “unfair physical advantages” in sport are always excused just so long as it’s some dude being bigger than some other dudes.

P.S. while on the subject of areas where women have the physical advantage, read about the Mercury 13

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  1. Ha! I’d totally forgotten that bit of Wilt the Stilt trivia.

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