Interlude: Chez Tog

mr tog is off doing a course this weekend. It will fulfil most of the remaining requirements for him to be registered as a civil marriage celebrant. He has been dressing rather more formally to attend the course than is his wont for his day job as an IT consultant.

tigtog: I haven’t seen you wear that shirt for a while.

mr tog: You haven’t seen me wear these dress trousers for a while either. I have to look the part of a “fit and proper person”.

tigtog: In that case you might want to do up that fly.


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  1. I’m glad someone found it amusing.
    (I was totally trolling for Helen Balcony or any other drummers to get pedantic with that SFX link, but not a bite!)
    You know the really sad thing about this weekend and this course, which was a last minute decision for him to attend? We forgot about something else we had planned, which we’d bought gifts for weeks ago, and it totally went out of our head.
    Nothing very important or anything – Sunday was only our SEVENTEENTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. We only realised that we’d overlooked the actual day late last night.
    At least we both forgot. We suck. Champagne and gift-swapping tonight instead.

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