Bandwidth allowance exceeded (soon) extended – we’re back!

This means the blog will go down sometime shortly to be replaced by a message from my webhost about why you can’t see the blog. I’ve tried to get onto them to jack up the bandwidth again, but I’m not getting a reply. So this is for the benefit of those of you on feed-readers, really. Once the blog goes down, other readers won’t see any explanation at all.

Once I get the bandwidth sorted out, the blog will return (it’s even just possible that I might get it sorted before the bandwidth runs out, but we’re getting verrrrry close).

Update: sorted now. Sorry that it did go down for a bit.

Update the second: Now that I have some bandwith to play with for the rest of this month, I’m taking this chance to update to new versions of all our plugins, so I’m disabling nearly all the plugins for about twenty minutes.

Update the third: All updated now.

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  1. Tis the cost of being a uber-useful and internationally sought after resource. I have my host’s cheapest plan, and two sites on the one account and never get close to my bandwidth!

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