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Here, Have A Kitty

Amnesty Internationals Irrepressible Info campaign
That new widget in the sidebar allows us to help “undermine censorship by publishing fragments of censored material” from some of the many websites around the world which have been censored by one government or another. (via Lauredhel)

The Internet is a new frontier in the struggle for human rights. Governments – with the help of some of the biggest IT companies in the world – are cracking down on freedom of expression … learn more

The Political Voices of Women: Opinion and Commentary of Over 400 Women Political Bloggers
Here’s where the whereabouts of those mythical women who blog on politics can be found. Are you a woman who blogs politics? Submit your blog to the list (warning – you may find your blog listed in close proximity to Michelle Malkin, but whatever else she does one cannot deny that the woman blogs politics). The blog-owner, Catherine Morgan, also blogs politics herself.

Kathy G.’s blog, The G Spot
I have a blogcrush on Kathy based on a single post and in particular this short segment of that one post about Maureen Dowd:

No, Maureen’s not bitter. Yes, and Miss Havisham reacted to being jilted at the altar with remarkable equanimity.

Also, Norma Desmond responded to the regrettable decline of her film career with naught but a philosophical shrug.

The rest of the post skewers some fallacies dearly beloved of those who “made it on their own” from the working class back in the 50s and 60s in the USA, riding on the coattails of FDR’s New Deal, and who are now unwilling to finance similar programs for today’s poorer Americans while at the same time denigrating those same poor Americans as simply being too lazy to work as hard as they did. Read it all. (via Nick Gruen)

don’t ya wish your girlfriend was smart like me?
(a blog of cultural commentary and media analysis with a shot of feminism and a twist of wit) Lindabeth blogs from Rochester NY USA and London ON Canada. I particularly like this goose-gander post.

The Angry Black Woman: Politics, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Anger
Started By Angry Black Bitch (see comments), this is now a group blog on anti-racism and anti-sexism and anti-prejudice of all kinds. Do the Required Reading before wading in further.

For those who want to have a look at what I’m reading and finding memorable on various blogs but may not have found time to write a blog post about, you can look at my latest Shared Items from my Google Reader in the sidebar on the About Us page. Or you can add my Shared Items feed to your own feed reader, or bookmark my Shared Items page.

And finally, Disapproving Rabbits now has a blog.

Anybody else found some great new blogs or other sites to read?

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  1. I can see the parallels between the Irrepressible and Holla Back ideas – subverting and sidestepping attempted silencing by using the ‘net to broadcast your speech. The distributed nature of Irrepressible is its strength, a combination of “We shall not be moved” and ”The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”

  2. Just a note – Angry Black Bitch actually has a separate blog and didn’t start ABW with me 🙂 I was all on my own until a little over a year ago when nojojojo joined and then, earlier this year, Karynthia. But despite the rumor, Angry Black Bitch and I aren’t the same 😉

  3. Sorry about my confusion, ABW – I’ve been trying to get the story straight before linking but I messed up in your case.

  4. I’m getting a blogcrush on KathyG too.
    Classy dame. Her latest post on Sinatra and her wedding anniversary is great. An appreciator and a stroppy number all at the same time.

  5. Thanks for these. Great to have a long list instead of having to blog hop.

    Kathy G is wonderful!

  6. holy shit that’s a tiny and perfect kitten. I know this post isn’t about that. Look, if you don’t want me to get completely absorbed by the kitten, you will want to re-think posting pictures of kittens this cute. And tiny.
    Also hello, like your blog. 🙂

  7. Joan, the kitten is there as blatant eyeball bait to encourage people to read the rest of the post.
    Bwahahahaaha! Made you look!
    C’mon now, I’m sure your eyes at least glanced over a couple of the other links. I hope you didn’t miss the Disapproving Rabbits – sounds like it would be just your scene.

  8. I’m a sucker for a grumpy bun. I just friended Cinnamon on Facebook.

  9. Hi tigtog.
    Thanks for linking to my site The Political Voices of Women. As far as ”warning – you may find your blog listed in close proximity to Michelle Malkin” — I didn’t want to list the blogs by party affiliation, because I think it’s great when we stumble upon women who we might have thought we had nothing in common with, and that could never happen if I listed by liberal/conservative. Anyway, when the list became so large I had no choice but to organize it in some fashion, and I decided to go with alphabetical.
    But, seeing how your readers might have a problem ending up next to Michelle Malkin (and who could blame them)…I’ll make you a deal. If one of your readers would like to be on the list, but alphabetically would fall next to the Michelle Malkin link…just let me know, and I will find a way to create a buffer. 😉
    Thanks for linking to my site.

  10. Catherine, I didn’t mean that as a super-serious reading (and my regular readers wouldn’t take it that way, it’s just what we Aussies call “stirring”). It’s great that you have made the list ideologically blind – women are not a hivemind.
    Malkin is a clever blogger, and anyone wanting to blog with political persuasion in mind could do worse than study how she structures her posts, even if they disagree with every single opinion expressed in them. (edited to add – mind you, I think she was better back before she had so many fanboyz who whoop and cheer with whatever she says – she plays more to the choir the last year or two, so read the archives for her more disciplined writing)


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