Quick hit: China earthquake rescue stories in comics

Coco Wang has documented some horrifying, heartbreaking, touching, and even funny China earthquake rescue stories. The stories are presented in the style of a graphic novel, at Paul Gravett’s place. Bring your tissues, and time to compose yourself.


My thoughts are with the people trying to put their lives and communities back together after this earthquake, a giant tragedy made up of many thousands of personal tragedies.

[h/t to whooz_queen]

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  1. Thank you so much for linking to this–I’m sitting here crying my eyes out, but I’m so glad I read them. It’s a heartbreaking project.

  2. I finally felt grounded enough today to go and read these. Wow. Yes, I cried, but I also felt so proud to be part of a species that can make sacrifices like that for our loved ones and for strangers as well. And that can then make profoundly affecting art about the grief and relief as well.

    I thank Coco Wang from the bottom of my heart for producing the last two humorous panels to finish my time there. That was very kind to her audience.

  3. i guess one good thing that came out of this tradgedy was that china came together in unity to help and support the victims of the sichuan disaster


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