Lauredhel’s off-line for a while

There’s a blackout at her place, and the laptop batteries are now run out. No internet for her until the power comes back up.

The blackout is said to have nothing to do with the big gas accident yesterday offshore from Karatha, but we Hoydens are currently feeling a bit nervous about the ability of distant fire-explosion-shutdown events to disturb our blogging. Bah!

Anyway, it’s a fine day in Perth for the low-tech option of reading dead-tree text.

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  1. Turns out it was a pole fire up the street. Power was out from ten am to nearly eight pm. (This will delay the release of the carnival, which I had scheduled to work on today – sorry!)
    Luckily, it was a cool day, and the freezers held.
    We also had vandals put a brick through a windscreen a couple of nights ago. Not a great week.

  2. Glad to hear that you’ve got power back now. That’s a long outage.
    Sorry to hear about the windscreen.

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