*waves extravagantly at the internet* We’re back!

I’ve had to deactivate a bunch of plugins etc (though none of the anti-interloper security measures, you lurking malefactors) to get the site back up and running after the recovery from backup files, so some of the features to which you are accustomed might be missing until I’ve tested everything.

We seem to have lost the last few days of posts/comments, at least for the moment (thus the choice of ‘meh’ image to accompany this post). So if something you said recently is still moving you, by all means repeat it here.

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  2. It was you? I thought it was me! So glad to have you back.

  3. Much missed, glad you’re/we’re back!

  4. Well that was more drama than the beginning of the week needed.

  5. Sorry Helen, I don’t think I saved a copy of my last post. Maybe it will come back. If not, I was brilliant as always but nuanced. 😉

    • I’ve still got a copy of it available to me in Google Reader, Mindy – I can copy it and put it up again for you? Same goes for the other missing posts.

  6. Um, if it’s not too much hassle that would be great. There have been a few links to it around the traps, although they probably won’t work anymore. I feel a bit conceited asking though!

    • Not at all, it was a great post, and just as I was about to comment on it the site went wonky! I’ve left it as a draft, so just check over it and make sure it’s ready to publish, OK?

  7. Done, thank you. Note to self: back up posts!

  8. I’ve republished the Anita Sarkeesian video boost and Orlando’s Friday Hoyden as well. Am about to hit publish on a copy of Otterday too.
    I’ve set the recovered posts to have the same “slugs” and publication dates as the originals – that should mean that existing links to them will still work.

  9. What post linked to Kate Harding’s post on the surname issue? I was about to comment on how much I loved that post just as the site went down.

  10. Tigtog put the link up in comments on the Otterday thread.

  11. Lots of conversation about it on Blue Milk, too.
    Tigtog, I’m sorry you’ve ended up with all that extra work when I’m sure you don’t need it.

  12. It seemed to be more than just a site problem.
    It looks like your hosting service’s DNS servers weren’t responding. (I’m assuming that’s what NS1.VIVIDWEBHOSTING.NET.AU is.)
    The effect was that I couldn’t find a DNS server that knew who hoydenabouttown.com was.

    • It was a server problem, not just a site problem. My webhost-reseller (vividwebhosting.net.au is my own reseller account) prioritised the many small accounts needing to be recovered from the daily backup files rather than the few large accounts (including their own hosting site which vividwebhosting shares).
      While I might question their commercial savvy I don’t question their good intentions.

  13. HAHAHA, it’s alive! It’s alive! Welcome back.

  14. Good to see you back. With LP’s return I thought there was some conservation of lefty blogs principle at work 🙂

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