ObWhoydensday Quick Hit: Who is back!

Auntie’s got her act together:

this Sunday night at 7:30pm!

That’s the Doctor Who 2007 Christmas Special, guest starring our own Singing Budgie, who I really liked in this part. They don’t say so incontrovertibly, but the ABC website does strongly imply that the first episode of Season 4 will follow the next week.

Now, just to make Shaun a happy chappy, here is a picture of Leela, companion to the Fourth Doctor.

Image Source: Louise Jameson’s website

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  1. You know, if you want the first 11 episodes of season 4, I can hook you up. I’ve been uploading them to the obvious place.

  2. Oh my God, I’ve been watching the current season on the Beeb and the season finale is gonna be a cracker!
    The Christmas special was a good ‘un as well.

  3. *ahem* I may perhaps have actually managed to keep up quite well, actually.

    I just know a few other Hoydenizens are not quite so nefarious, and might appreciate the heads-up to the season starting. Our ABC has been mighty coy about advertising until this very week.

  4. I’ve been hanging out to watch them on TV rather than through any illegal means.
    And I really hope they stick with the Sunday time slot, too.

  5. I think of these online download services as just another form of time-shifting, as I have every intention of watching them when they are broadcast as well. (edited to add: what is available online (all over YouTube for example) is quite low-res, so to get the best out of the special effects watching them in crisp digital broadcast (when it comes) is definitely superior).

  6. I can tell you, it’s not only Shaun who is happy about the picture of Leela…

  7. OK then, what did we all think of the Xmas episode?
    Here’s a nice shot of the Doctor in his tux:

    Note how they’ve used the same shooting from above techniques that I found patronising when used by evangelists targeting skeptics. How does this shot work differently?

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