Yes, I’m tweaking the blog again

And it appears that it doesn’t like the new plugins. Or so go a couple of reports from Hoydenizens.

If you’re having any problems clicking on links can you tell me in comments? Or if the problem extends to the link *to* comments, then can you please email hoydenz at that gmail place that ends with dot com? It will help with the trouble-shooting.

Please give us as much detail as you can – what your browser set-up is, whether you’ve upgraded anything recently, all that guff.


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  1. OK, I’ve semi-disabled the major new plugin – is that working for folks now?

  2. Links to individual posts in your blog don’t work at all using my PDA’s browser (no javascript). They take you to the front page instead.
    Paul Tomblins last blog post..DSLR?

  3. When I click “Older Posts” in the top left of the home page, it goes to a page that is blank except for a link that says “ShareThisShareThisShareThisShareThis”. Nothing else on the page…I’m using Safari.

  4. Paul, I’m surprised at that one. I didn’t think the template previously used JS to serve up a simple link, and the supercache plugin was all about making everything that could be made simple HTML into simple HTML.
    K, yes, that older posts sticky widget does seem to be playing up. I have to work out how to get rid of that javascript gadget entirely in favour of a simple php script to navigate to older pages.

  5. OK, the cache is now cleared. How’s that for everyone?

  6. I’ve had a similar problem with the archives. If I click on ‘May’ I get the first page but the ‘older’ pages never load. For some reason I thought it was just me! Just did a test and it is still not loading.

  7. The “older” link doesn’t take me to actual articles.

  8. OK, I’m checking out the forums for a bug-fix for that “older” thing. I preferred how they handled it in the previous versions of this theme, which means that I may be in for a period of hand-coding hacking to get it working properly.
    If the blog disappears briefly it means I’ve bollixed something and I’ll have to go and remove my changes to get it up again – apologies in advance if we disappear every now and then this morning!

  9. Oh, that ended up being easy – I just disabled the Advanced Navigation “Feature”.
    There’s now a link to “older posts” at the bottom of the main page, and links to older/newer posts on the archive pages once you start digging through.
    Any other problems that people are still having?

  10. Yes.
    I want to make a coconut cream pie tonight but my grocery store isn’t carrying any corn starch. *sigh*
    As for the site, things seem to be working fine for me now, thanks!

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