Big Brother gets the boot

Channel Ten’s dropped the show. Endemol thinks they can sell it to someone else. Really?

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  1. OMG!!! Cannot say how happy I am about this – been waiting for this day for years!!! Ten is the only channel I can get without spending two hours fiddling with the rabbit ears (I’m in crappy flat with no outside arial), and it’s been driving me fucking nuts that the only thing on for hours and hours is BB.

  2. They are dropping it because of “audience erosion”. WTF! I suppose that hey just can’t come out and say that people are no longer watching as it was just getting crappier and crappier.
    Rayedishs last blog post..Why is this stupidity still happening?

  3. “Erosion” – I guess that’s marketroid-speak for “We’d like to pretend that this was an irresistible external natural force wearing us down despite our best efforts”.

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