Whedon’s “Dr Horrible” fizzles for international audience

I was a little excited when Tama Leaver mentioned the other day that Joss Whedon’s new project, a musical miniseries called “Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog“, was going to be a free internet-only premiere. “An experiment in models of distribution and commerce”, an effort to get the fans excited, and drum up a bit of interest in perhaps later paying to download or buy a DVD of the series.

“I’ll just wait till it’s actually released,” though I, “then blog about it! Whee! And it stars Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. Neat.”

Today was the day. Apparently. But when the day came, turns out the streaming was geo-locked to the USA. Tama was not happy, and neither were thousands of fans.

Apparently they’ve just fixed it. So, go watch. If you’re still interested.

Here’s the teaser.

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  1. I was spared the trauma of the US-only streaming as we were on our way back from Queensland and by the time we got home the fix was already in. We watched, we squeeed, we watched again. Much fun 🙂
    mimbless last blog post..Queensland dispatches

  2. Heeheeehee! I actually clapped my hands in glee when Nathan Fillion appeared.

  3. I just caught it (having been reminded that the free watch-it-on-Whedon’s-site time was about to expire – there’s probably another hour or so to catch it)
    Most enjoyable. The kids liked it too, although they thought it was weird in parts. Narratively excellent ending, but damn.

  4. Ended up having a good conversation with my daughter about the shortcomings of both Dr Horrible and Capt Hammer and how they viewed Penny. I’m glad I read this thread on Feministe first because it gave me phrases that simply articulated a few key points that otherwise I probably would have waffled on about.
    It was a good conversation (she’s 13). She may almost be ready to be introduced to Women in Refrigerators (wikipedia article) and GirlWonder.org.

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