APOD goes dancing

A couple of weeks ago I featured Matt Harding, who put up video on the internet of himself dancing, sometimes alone and sometimes with others (often a huge crowd) around the world.

Today, that’s the Astronomy Picture of the Day’s featured image. The annotation is superb.

Astronomy – it’s us down here as well. We are all ultimately star-stuff.

H/T Simon, on a private mailing list.

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  1. I’ve never seen the Matt Harding vids till just then. Absolutely wonderful example of best attributes of the human race (except maybe grumpy North Korean guy – still he made me laugh).
    Sagan was, and still is, a hero of mine. But I like the extension to the idea of star stuff via Delenn.
    ” We are star-stuff. We are the universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out.”
    Still blows my mind that quote. And quite true.

  2. That is a great quote. Glad you liked the vids.

  3. My favorite class discussion is one that crops up once a quarter in every physics class. I call it the “You Are As Old As The Stars” talk. We talk about the fact that all of the matter and all of the energy in the universe has been here since the Big Bang. Every bit of you, every electron and even the warmth of your breath has been here since the beginning of time, and will always be here, for as long as the universe lasts. My students are usually astonished.

  4. I’m not surprised it’s your favourite – that must be an awesome class. I still remember hearing Sagan’s explanation the first time Cosmos aired. I was astonished then and I still find it pretty awesome now.

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