Thursday Cheezburger, and Delurking Day


We’ve declared this week, being the first week of the month, to be Delurking Week! If you’ve been reading along, give us a hoy and let us know you’re there – either here (feel free to post your favourite LOLcat or LOLcritter of the week), or on whatever other thread takes your fancy.

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  1. Okay, consider me delurking. Love reading Hoyden About Town, keep up the great work!

  2. This picture immediately reminded me of a substitute teacher I had in second or third grade. Her default punishment for troublemakers was to draw a small circle on the blackboard, and then the miscreant had to stand there with his nose touching the circle for however long according to the gravity of the offense, generally ten or fifteen minutes as I recall.
    It was such a strange system of discipline that it didn’t quite work out as she’d expected. Even most of the typically docile kids, including me, went out of our way to get punished so we could experience the circle on the board. (I’m sure it would have lost its charm quickly if the sub had been there for more than a couple days. My parents were horrified when I went home and told them about it.)

  3. De-lurking as ordered ROFL
    Hoyden takes pride of place in my blog feeds list :o)

  4. I remember the kid who sneezed all over the blackboard from the chalk dust. (sorry, will re-lurk on this thread now)

  5. Mindy, no need for regulars to lurk on this thread! Come and play with the delurkers!
    *waves at the delurkers*
    While I’m here, I’ll ask anyone who’s just made their absolute first comment whether my new plug-in is working – you should have been redirected to a “thank you” page. Did that happen?

  6. Delurking as requested. I’ve been reading for the last few months and enjoying immensely!

  7. Not lurker lol of the week:

  8. I’m about 99% lurker, so here’s my current fave lolcat:

    I’m with Mouse; Hoyden gets first look in my feedreader every time 🙂

  9. I don’t really count as a lurker, and this isn’t really a LOL.. yet. It’s begging to be made into one though.
    My wife’s boss’s monkey

  10. Argh, sorry about the missing link-html skills have failed me yet again.
    Tigtog, didn’t see a thank you page. I saw a refreshed version of this page when I clicked the submit button.

  11. *semi-lurker delurks*
    Nice-place you’ve got here.

  12. O Hai.
    We kan haz recess nau?

  13. Hi Ex-lurkers! Nice to meetcha. I have image-magicked all your pictures.

  14. Tee #10 – as you have commented here before I installed the plug-in, it wouldn’t have redirected your comments here today. Never mind.
    The idea with the thank-you plugin is to encourage more new commentors, that’s all. We know that only 1-2% of readers of any online forum ever comment even once, let alone regularly, and we just wanted to add a special welcome to those who take the leap into Hoyden-infested waters.
    Addit: I just posted a test comment under an assumed ID, and I didn’t get redirected either (it’s still in moderation). Of course, I still have the same IP number, which the software might have recognised despite a new name and email addy. So, any lurker who has never ever commented here, who is on a computer that you know has never ever been used to comment here by anyone else either, I’d really love for you to delurk and let me know whether you are redirected.

  15. Sorry tigtog, should have realised 🙂
    polerin, any pic captioned with the phrase “My wife’s boss’s monkey” is already halfway to lulz IMO 🙂

  16. Hi tigtog! Hi Lauredhel!
    I’m not so much de-lurking as re-de-lurking. I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for quite some time and have only just started following Aus poliblogging again in the past couple of months. Kudos on being featured on Shakesville – it was great to see one of my favourite blogs recognising another!

  17. Hey all, I don’t know if I’m officially a lurker or not. Is there a definition? What’s the read-time to post ratio involved?
    Whatever, I’ve been reading a couple of months now and commenting only a couple of times so I better introduce myself. Don’t have a lol for you right now but just imagine I posted an incredibly funny one. Greetings from sunny Darwin and the world of aboriginal legal aid.

  18. I’ve been reading for at least a year and have only posted once. Consider me delurked 🙂 Greetings from this PhD student, based in Sydney Australia

  19. Another lurker delurking.
    I don’t think I’ve commented here before, but I’ve been reading (from across the ditch) a long time. I love this place 🙂

  20. Hello – previous lurker then mistaken-for-troll-due-to-IT-hopelessness-and-general-stupidity-*blush* then back-to-lurker-in-disgrace here… thought this might be a good time to say hello again!
    Love the blog so much and have no idea how you find the time to keep it so interesting and up to date.
    To you both – thankyou!

  21. Commentinis all around! And look, I even made some imaginary lemon twists and fictional stuffed olives specially.
    I don’t comment often, which is probably best for everyone. But I’ve started visiting much more frequently since my feminism became more radical.

  22. Regular LOLdog

    [admin magic! ~ tigtog]

  23. *waving at the quiet people who haven’t posted for a while*
    Good to see you all. Hope to see more of you all.
    P.S. a male teacher in one of my kids’ schools called me “dear” today, when I was attempting to ascertain the whereabouts of the teacher with whom I had an appointment. I failed to chastise him, because I was so astonished. Hopefully I only spotted a dinosaur in the wild.

  24. long time lurker, first time commenter. Well, not really. Have commented once before. 🙂

  25. Hello there, dv. Good to see you.

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