Otterday! And open thread

This bewhiskered little critter comes to you courtesy of Bill Swindaman on flickr. Check out his bird pics, too.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I think I may be liveblogging tonight’s debate. Stay tuned!

  2. I’ve been amusing myself over at One Sentence, which is a bit like Post Secret except it’s “true stories, told in one sentence”. Some examples:

    * I have three giant bruises and a bit of a bruised ego as proof that you can, in fact, forget how to ride a bicycle.
    * I had hoped that the first time my doctor handed me a sonogram picture it would be of my baby, not of a golf ball sized fibroid tumor on my uterus.
    * As I woke up from my nap to find written on my feet “This is my momma and you can’t have her,” I realized that my child is very, very strange.

    via Rotten Little Girls

  3. Bene – excellent!

    ETA: for those not sure of the timing here in Oz, our ABC is broadcasting the debate live at 11am EST.

  4. It may be the only way besides liquor that I can keep from throwing things at the telly.

  5. Can someone with more knowledge about US politics and economics than me answer some questions?
    Firstly, if the all the Democrats and the Senate Republicans are on board with the $700 billion bail-out package, why is the dissent of the House Republicans a problem? I thought that the Democrats controlled the House?
    Secondly, how would this alternative suggested by the House Republicans actually work? I know that people from the US Treasury and the US Reserve Bank say that it won’t work, but what is the actual idea behind it?
    Thirdly, if Australia has regulations in place to stop a US-style crisis from happening, why the hell is Wayne Swan preparing a $4 billion bail-out for our financial institutions? Is this necessary?
    Fourthly, does anyone know of any good world-economics-for-dummies books? I’ve really gotta learn more about this stuff.

  6. Beppie–I’ll try to hit these after the debate!

  7. 1. The Dems may have a majority, but it’s small. Passing any bailout of this magnitude would require a larger majority in both the House and the Senate than they have.
    2. The House Repubs don’t really have that much of a plan. They want a bailout with a free-market economy, and without government regulation, that’s just not possible.

  8. Bene– thanks. 🙂 So, the reason I can’t get a clear picture of the House Republicans’ plan is “there isn’t one”.

  9. Right. They don’t have anything on paper, they just object to what they see as too socialized.
    Though there’s a strong suspicion that McCain is behind the BS.

  10. Well I picked a fight with an animal rights activist. I was really pissed off with PETA’s latest stunt regarding the breast milk. I wrote a post showing as many sexist PETA ads that I could find and linked to a rabid so-called feminist PETA supporter.
    Of course she called me anti-animal because I don’t blog about animal rights but considering I write a feminist blog, animal rights is simply not within its scope. I guess where I am going with this is that even though I want to support movements like animal rights, or environmentalism, it bothers me that in the name of presenting their message they have no problem reifying isms. How can I as a woman of color advocate for something I really believe in when a movement is so hostile to bodies like mine. I am starting to really see some very negative intersections. It’s like they are completely unwilling to consider intersectionality if it gets them two seconds more press. Does anyone have any suggestions in this regard?
    Renees last blog post..PETA’S Favourite Animal Is Pussy

  11. Sorry, no suggestions immediately, Renee.
    I just read that Paul Newman has died. I feel old.

  12. Yes to the Paul Newman thing. I bought a bar of Newman’s Own Sweet Dark to put into cupcakes, in memory. He was a good guy.

  13. We’ve just decided – it’s a beautiful spring day here, so we’re going out for a BBQ lunch in a park. I’ve been meaning to go to the National Camellia Garden for years, so that’s the plan.

  14. Renee–you ever seen the Vegans of Color blog? It’s fascinating, well-done, and they have a LOT of posts about intersectionality; not only how they feel shut out by the vegan movement, but how they are vegans because they are POC advocates.

  15. @Quixotes no I have not seen it, but I am going to go and check it out. Thanks so much for the link.

  16. I know one of the posters at Vegans of Color, she’s great. She really would have a lot to say on the issue…I need to not be out of it today.

  17. Today is a day for Quixotess being really pissed and scared.
    I’m in college; live on campus.Somebody let two strange guys into our building. They don’t go to this school; they’re older, mid-twenties maybe. They’re going around door to door. They’ve got some schtick about selling Maxim subscriptions for a contest. They’re extremely persistent, came inside the suite and everything. It took us fifteen whole minutes to get them to leave (my room, not the building). My roommate was here with me, but still…
    RA was downstairs in the lounge. Went and found him; he said “Okay. Let’s go kick some guys out of the building.” Then when we got back upstairs (seventh floor), we couldn’t find them. He’s looking on the other floors; if he doesn’t find them I’m going to be even more pissed. Not at him. Just at them.

  18. Oh god, wtf, Quixotess? You stay safe. That’s horrible.
    As for me, I’m trying to slog through the pedantic crap over at 101–any help would be appreciated. Clearly, you know, being the power behind the throne is equal to being the power. augh. *bashes head into things*

  19. Quixotess, take care and stay safe.
    Bene, I’ve chimed in over there. Your interlocutor needs a reminder to read and abide by the Comments Policy regarding length at the very least.

  20. Ach, thanks. RA caught them on the sixth floor and he kicked them out quite firmly (he’s really excellent) so after that I felt somewhat happier. But, you know. I think I’ll take up the fact that it even happened with someone important.

  21. If anyone feels up to defending having children as not being a lifestyle choice, the <a href=””Parentonomics thread at LP looks like it could be about to hot up.

  22. “Lifestyle choice” seems to be just yet another wingnutliberdouchebag dog-whistle, applied to such outrageous things as being gay or being a parent, things that a Right-Thinking Society shouldn’t “reward” or “subsidise” or “educate about”.
    What’s the actual point of deciding whether or not some aspect of life is a “lifestyle choice”? What, exactly, qualifies as “not a lifestyle choice”, and why?

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