Whoydensday: Marry, Shag or Cliff? (Writers Edition)

As usual, you may match one and only one of the people below to each fate.

So, who shall it be? Russell T. Davies, who masterminded the return of Doctor Who to our screens in 2005? Steven Moffat, who has written some of the most acclaimed episodes ever? Or veteran Terry Nation, creator of the Daleks (and oh so much more)?

  • All current Whoheads are au fait with RTD’s tendency to agitate some segments of the fan population:

    Perhaps the timing of this edition of MSC is unfairly positioned with respect to the airing of the S4 Finale here in Oz and NZ, but Naughty Uncle Rusty does seem to rather enjoy wielding his let’s-stir-up-the- fan-nest stick, just because he can. On the other hand, who else could have brought the show back? It’s undeniable that his rapport with the kids whom he still sees as the backbone of the viewing audience is considerable and has been a major part of the new series success, at least as much as all his side-servings of UST. So what do you do with RTD, eh? (Don’t forget his other shows, especially Queer As Folk.)

  • The Moff certainly has a way with plots, characters, and creeeeeepy monsters. So far hasn’t jerked the fans’ heartstrings around in quite the same way as RTD, but what will he do once he’s in charge? Exactly how worrying do you find it that he reportedly modelled the Patrick character in Coupling after himself (although how ironic that modelling is meant to be we don’t know)? Do you love or hate his summing up of the Rose storyline’s ending from the Season 4 finale?

    You have to give the Doctor credit for dumping a slightly clingy girlfriend…

    (The sound is a bit dodgy: the bit about Rose comes in at approx 2:13 (stick with the rest of the vid for hilarious description of going through US customs/immigration to get to the ComicsCon))

  • Terry Nation with DaleksAnd for those who aren’t fully aware of Terry “Terror” Nation’s awesomeness, he not only created the iconic Who monster of the Daleks (inadvertently creating the BBC’s first ever merchandising spree, and still getting a posthumous writing credit every time they appear on the screen), but he also created two more BBC science fiction series – Survivors and Blake’s 7 – and also contributed episodes to The Avengers, The Saint and even produced 6 episodes of MacGyver. Of course, there is the ever so slight disadvantage that he’s been dead for over 10 years, but let’s ignore that niggling little detail for the sake of hypothesising, shall we?

So, who do you chuck, who do you lasciviously snog, and who do you contentedly end your days with?

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  1. Cliff RTD. He brought back Dr Who, and I’m grateful but gratitude has to end somewhere, and it’s at the bottom of a great big cliff for me. Snog Steven Moffat, which means marrying Terry Nation, but he’s going to be a pretty quiet husband so for all the necessary see snog Steven Moffat.

  2. I will Marry RTD just so I can lock him in a room and get him to write out “I will not create women characters whose heads asplode from all teh knowledge” a billion times. I will cliff Moffat, if he is anything like Patrick he’d just bounce back anyway. I will snog Nation ‘cos snogging a skull with a few shreds of dessicated muscle attached is a classic cinematic gross out moment.

  3. Marry: The Moffat. So that he could be my kept screenwriter.
    Shag: Terry Nation if he was still with us.
    Cliff: RTD. Which I’ve been wanting to do since ever.

  4. Marry Terry Nation, master of Science Fiction (or Terrance Dicks who was one of the most successful script editors during Tom Baker’s reign). Shag Steven Moffat for his occasional gems and by all means cliff RTD if only because he reminds me of JNT.

  5. Marry the Moff, though if he gets into my nightmares he’s sleeping in an ectoplasm-proof box. Cliff Rusty. No, Rusty, just no. So I suppose I have to shag Terry Nation’s ghost, which sounds like a fantabulous set-up for a Moff episode…

  6. Very difficult one here– all of these writers have been pretty misogynist at different times– and all have some redeeming features.
    Rusty portrays Owen Harper using alien pheremones to negate the consent of both a woman and a man, and doesn’t see the problem with this, and he doesn’t let his female companions keep super-powers when they get them. But on the other hand, Rose, Martha, Donna, Tosh and Gwen all kick serious arse, and he’s also the brains behind The Sarah Jane Adventures in which Sarah Jane and Maria also kick arse– and honestly, how many TV shows are there that centre around a middle aged woman who fights aliens?
    The Moff, on the other hand, has made some pretty shocking statements– as Tigtog notes, there’s the one about Rose being clingy, and he’s also applied this to women more broadly. I’ve also read some things that come very close to “poor oppressed middle class white men, oh woe”. However, his female characters do tend to be pretty awesome, particularly Nancy from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, and River Song from Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (although I confess I’m not nearly as enamoured with Sally Sparrow as the rest of fandom seems to be– I think she was fine, and I have nothing against her, but she didn’t completely blow me away).
    As for Terry Nation– I know very little about his personal views, but his stories did tend to reinforce traditional gender roles to a high degree. In The Daleks, for instance, Barbara spends an awful lot of time screaming, and the Doctor and Ian spend an awful lot of time protecting the womenfolk. Susan is pretty awesome in this episode, however. But in Genesis of the Daleks, although Sarah Jane seems slightly weaker than she did in a lot of her previous episodes, she does have that awesome moment where she urges the Doctor to kill all the baby Daleks, and she also organises the Thal/mutoid rebellion. There is also a female Thal soldier who does some seriously cool stuff.
    Okay– I’ll marry Rusty, mostly because of The Sarah Jane Adventures, but also because of the other awesome female characters he’s created. But I agree with Su’s provision that he has to spend a lot of time locked in a room writing lines about not being sexist in the future.
    I’ll shag/snog (whichever it’s supposed to be) the Moff, because he’s also created some very cool female characters, and he wrote the bit where Donna kicks the door open after the sonic screwdriver doesn’t work on it, but I’ll do it somewhere very close to a cliff so that I can push him off if he starts going all MRA on me.
    And I’ll cliff Terry, because even though he gave some female characters good moments (including Sarah Jane, which gives him bonus points), he didn’t actually create any of them. (Although I do acknowledge that he created some strong female characters for Blake’s 7– but this is a Whoniverse discussion, so… cliff time!) He can, however, have the standard parachute/bouncy mattress.

  7. (Er, mods, if you want to edit that comment for length, I completely understand– I got a bit out of control there methinks!)

  8. The occasional long one isn’t a problem, Beppie!

  9. Baby Daleks? Awwwwwww!
    Rusty and Steve, definitely chuck off a cliff, but I realise they serve an indispensable purpose to the Hoydenizens so I’ll let them live.
    Terry Nation, shag. Definitely.

  10. Cliff RTD, marry Terry (and make him quote Ker Avon to me in bed every night), which leaves me with shagging Moffat. Ew, except that’s a friend’s surname. Squicky.

  11. The Moff, on the other hand, has made some pretty shocking statements– as Tigtog notes, there’s the one about Rose being clingy, and he’s also applied this to women more broadly.

    I must say, I took the remark about Rose being clingy as a pure punchline for the sake of it rather than necessarily being a deeper revelation of Moff’s innermost thoughts, and I LOL’ed.
    I don’t know enough about the Moff to know whether he’s like a lot of my mates from when I was on the comedy circuit – you see a joke and you make it, because you can and you’re surrounded by people in the mood to appreciate it. I suspect that he is, but with less of an internal censor because he doesn’t face “dying” on stage. The thing about Moff as a writer and not a performer is that he doesn’t have that sense of his own voice that a good comic has (you see good comics gifting each other with lines for their routines quite often because it has popped into their head but it doesn’t suit their own routine/persona on stage, and they can see that it would suit someone else’s), because he puts words into the mouths of a bevy of characters and lives in their heads half the time I think he just blurts these things out.
    Sure, some things he’s said are highly insensitive to gender politics, but he is more disciplined when it comes to writing/editing a script than his own blathering on at a Con, so I still have hopes for the Moff.

  12. If for no other reason, I would shag RTD just for creating Queer as Folk. And as a life-long NON Doctor Who fan (ie I lumped it in with all the other yucky sci-fi shows), I need to thank him for introducing me to the JOYS of the Doctor, particularly the performances of Christopher and David. It’s been a lot of fun. And I’ll always love him for creating Captain Jack Harkness who is DEFINITELY shagging material (okay, he’s not a subject of this discussion, I know).
    I would cliff the dalek guy because I don’t like them. I’d marry the person who created the Cybermen – now they are awesome baddies.
    In the context of this discussion, I guess that means I’d marry the other guy who I don’t actually know, but I remember Coupling vividly, so it would provide a lifetime of me boring him silly rabbiting on about what I loved and hated about the show.

  13. Tigtog– I’ll try to find a link for you later, but I believe that the Moff said in an interview that he thinks you’re not allowed to tell the truth about women on TV (with regard to Coupling)– which is that he believes that we are all innately clingy and looking for a husband. I HOPE that he was being ironic, but the context the quote was presented in didn’t make it look that way. But yes, his scripts still show that he has respect for female characters.
    Lynda– I would never have appreciated Doctor Who without Rusty either (although I never saw Queer as Folk– must remedy that someday!) Interestingly about Captain Jack, while the character was first conceptualised by Davies, it was the Moff who first wrote him, and really defined his voice– so in some ways he’s like their joint baby. 🙂

  14. Ummmm marry RTD. He’d be entertaining.
    Cliff Moffat. This is possibly unfair as he’s quite a genius but I didn’t like River Song or her fate one bit and I’m in a snit about it. No wife for the Doctor!
    I guess that leaves shagging Terry Nation. Do I have to?

  15. I’d marry the person who created the Cybermen – now they are awesome baddies.
    Yay! Someone else with taste in villainy. I think Kit Pedlar was the creator of the cybermen. I’ll have to go look it up in the Cybermen book written by ex-cyberleader David Banks… (were you spitting chips about the ‘new’ treatment of Cybermen as well, Linda?)
    I did love Queer As Folk. The jeep bit was extremely funny.

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