Quick Hit: I’m not sexist says Bob Ellis

He explains it all here.

Well I’m glad we got that sorted then. *snort*

For anyone thinking this might be satire: good satire lets you know that it is satire. Bad satire is indistinguishable from what it is supposed to be satirising.

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  1. How is this person still being given a platform to stage his incoherent, ugly ramblings? As far as I could interpret, he seems to be saying “I don’t hate ALL women, and I am prepared to make some nasty sweeping generalisations about men, therefore I am not sexist.” And he thinks of himself as an intellectual!

  2. Delurking to say YES, this! And the Ellis article was also published yesterday in the Sunday Life supplement to the dead tree version of the paper, which was a special ‘men’s’ issue that just had so much wrong wrong wrong about it (think the usual reductive stereotyping nonsense dressed up as pseudo-science and pseudo-sociology). *headdesk*

  3. Welcome Jenniferv! I saw that it came from the dead tree version of Sunday Life, but didn’t realise that it was a special snowflake men’s issue. How insulting to men who don’t think that way 😦

  4. I gave up on Bob Ellis when I saw an article from him in Independent Australian squealing about how Julian Assagne was a poor, conspired against little flower of the Left, and couldn’t possibly be expected to therefore comply with any sensible standard of adult behaviour.
    Mr Ellis appears to have bought into the popular myth on the left that “there’s no such thing as a crime against property”, and also appears not to have discarded from his progressive consciousness the outmoded notion that “women are automatically property”. It’s a common failing, but not one I see any need to encourage.

  5. Um…yeah, satire. Maybe not.
    Also Bob Ellis had better come round to my house and explain to my husband that I’m not interested in having sex with him anymore since we’re done having babies.
    As for sexist he proved it definitively for me with a stupid article in the Drum last year about how feminism was ruining things for left wing men with claims of sexual harassment.

  6. I’d been loosely aware of Bob Ellis but it was seeing him on Q&A in 2009 that really drove home what an irredeemable dirtbag he is.
    Here’s a short extract from a truly appalling set of statements, on the then recent Matthew Johns NRL rape scandal:

    BOB ELLIS: I’m the only one at this table who has written a novel about football: The Season, co-written with Roy Masters remaindered.
    TONY JONES: Remaindered.
    BOB ELLIS: But Roy’s view of it is that it is, for better or for worse, common practice and if this one man is guilty and should be punished, there are thousands so placed and I think there is a question not just of consent, but of complaint. If there was not consent on the night there should have been complaint the following the morning or complaint a week later. And if the complaint takes seven years…
    TONY JONES: Well, there was complaint, as it happens, within days to the police.
    BOB ELLIS: Yes. Okay. All right.
    TONY JONES: So let me hear from Penny Wong…
    PENNY WONG: I’m sorry.
    BOB ELLIS: Okay. I withdraw that.

    It was all said in this awful tone of condescension, as if he thought he alone had any idea of what was really going on and yet he didn’t even have the basic facts.
    Full transcript.


  8. Then there was that disgusting episode when he wrote that Hillary Clinton was not an adequate candidate for president because she didn’t give good enough blow jobs to stop her husband from straying in a tone of moral outrage over her supposed racism. Because racism is bad, don’t you know.

  9. @Orlando, the hell?

  10. Then there is this frankly boggling episode at John Birmingham’s Blunt Instrument, during which Ellis shows up to go on and on and on in comments about Strauss-Kahn’s (and any other ‘warrior of the left’) basic right to all women all the time. Including Ellis’ fervent belief that there is “no such thing as forced oral sex”.
    Okay then.

  11. SunlessNick, I’m not sure if this is the column I was thinking of (there were a couple of similar ones floating around at the time), but it will certainly do as a textbook misogynist screed on Clinton.

  12. Orlando, I meant it more as an interjection than a question, but thanks nevertheless. And wow, what an asshole.

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