Quicklinks: Maternity and Parental Leave

The Rudd Government is mooting some changes. Others have blogged:

  • Bite the bullet
    from blue milk by blue milk

    Quoting Eva Cox: Of course, there are gaps: too many workers still miss out, six months would have been better and seeking top ups to real replacements are still an issue, but it is a huge first step, if we get it!

  • Maternity leave
    from skepticlawyer by Legal Eagle

    In order to believe that such a payment is a good thing, it is necessary to believe that increasing the time which parents can spend with a child is a societal good for which we all must pay a little.
    […] I wonder what the position would be for someone like me who is on contract, and therefore technically does not get “maternity leave”.

  • Getting To Know You
    from newmatilda.com by Alan Thornhill

    By any standards, the Commission is proposing sweeping industrial and social change. Predictably, its plan is controversial and employers are wary.

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