Thursday Cheezburger, and Delurking Day

Today has turned into the Big Cat Edition.



Second runner-up.

It’s our monthly Delurking Day! If you’ve been reading along, give us a shout and let us know you’re there. You’re welcome to post your favourite macro, introduce yourself, or tell us what’s made you feel proud lately.

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  1. *delurks* I keep meaning to comment but then I have to type in my name AND email address, and I know I won’t get comment notifications, and it’s all too hard. Livejournal has spoiled me 🙂

  2. Hi Sophie! nice to see you here.
    We have made a few features available for all you spoilt LJ types 🙂 – although we can’t claim credit for the fact that your computer should now have a cookie which will remember your details the next time you make a comment, so you won’t have to type that email address in again.
    BUT, if you tick the box below the comment input form that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” then you will get comments notifications! (although we don’t have comment threading, so the notification won’t only be fore comments replying directly to yours, it will be all subsequent comments on the thread).
    So, please do comment more often now that you’ve taken that first leap!

  3. Hi there. I’ve commented before, but only on Sci-fi Sunday. However I do love your blog every day of the week.

  4. Welcome Sophie and Brigindo!
    The RSS feed for all comments works also, though it’s sometimes not as timely as email notifications. And the notifications don’t expire and are unlimited, unlike LJ where you have to go in and purge them (painfully and manually) waaaay too often.

  5. Not a lurker, but this is prolly my fav lolcat atm.

    [image magick by L.]

  6. This one is cracking me up:

  7. This
    is the most recent one that amused me. (faar too much)

    dvs last blog post..That family that nerds together, stays together

  8. Hi dv great loldog! Just a note for next time: I had to edit your code so we could read it – bbcode doesn’t work on this site, you need HTML (and bbcode gets your comment sequestered in the spam-bin, too).

  9. You know things are getting bad when you take a picture of your cat and think “I wonder what caption would go with this?”

  10. I don’t have a lolcat for you, but I’ll delurk anyway! I’ve posted once or twice already, and then gone back into hiding. Maybe I’ll stay out this time =)

  11. This is me delurking *delurk*. I’m Suzi FemAcadem and I blog over at I’m a bit of a sod for not commenting more frequently- I blame google reader entirely!!
    Suzi FemAcadems last blog post..Here come the Fat Police

  12. *belated delurking* Howdy. I enjoy knowing that there is a whole bunch of people who also enjoy feeling hoydenish. Huzzah! I am proud because I wrote a totally bottom kicking piece of policy today, even if no one gets to see it but myself.

  13. Le LOLdog. Sorry couldn’t find one with a dog AND a big cat…

  14. Hi Suzi and Pen – good to see you come out of the shadows!
    DEM – that dog looks so smug.

  15. Suzi–I know what you mean about Google Reader, it totally kills my commenting most days.

  16. *delurks*
    Hi! I’ve commented once or twice but mainly lurked for the past couple of months. I’m not a blogger myself, just a be-babied hairy radfem. Love your blog.

  17. Have you seen some of the recent ones from Pundit Kitchen?

  18. gah, I keep trying to put in a pic and it won’t let me! *throws up hands*

  19. Hello Hoydens. Thanks for the opportunity to delurk. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blogging for a while now, and hope to make more of a contribution now that the ice has been broken and the introductions made!
    My greatest achievement recently has been learning to scuba dive. I set myself the target of doing it before I turned 50 and just squeaked in with a couple of months to spare. And I so wish I had done it years ago! But I am most proud of proving to myself that I can still have adventures.

  20. Purrdence – sorry, only Lauredhel and I can post images in comments. If you just post a link to the page at Pundit Kitchen (or wherever) though, we can then weave our admin magic and make the image appear in your comment.
    Moominmamma, good for you – scuba diving is on my before-50 list as well. I’m envious!

  21. My two favouritest macros:


    XtinaSs last blog post..

  22. Hi
    long time reader and long time lurker…and typically –
    leaving it to the last minute to say Hi and Thanks.
    Have enjoyed your site for a long time…and after speaking
    to Tig after the VP debate last week, have finally gotten up
    the courage to comment!

  23. Ok, here goes:
    see Sarah Palin pictures
    [admin magicked ~ tigtog]

  24. Hi Fuchsia, good to see you (finally). To other readers, I have actually met Fuchsia in a pub,ages ago, and it took this long for her to comment (I didn’t realise I was quite that scary!)
    Purrdence, thanks for persevering with the image – I did see that one earlier this week. Ye good LOL.

  25. Ok, I’m going to give this comment notifications malarky a go then! And hey, I even have an icon now (hopefully). Though to totally simulate the lj experience you need more downtime and an uglier layout 😀

  26. I made a couple of comments then went of to UK for the summer and came back to a terminally ill computer and lots of backlog to attend to. I’m Cireena, I teach in a University in China and I get shy about actually posting as I consider I am probably too far out of the mainstream by now actually to have much relevence to lots of the topics posted. However my Cambridge Caper has caught me up a bit of Western concerns to I am going to venture forth again. Maybe. Probably. Well…I hope so.

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