Whoydensday: Guess Who’s Guesting?

Update: Oops – forgot that some people might not like casting spoilers. Moving the casting rumours to the end of the post behind a cut.

The title of the Christmas Episode has been revealed: The Next Doctor. RTD is mucking us about again, what do you reckon?

This week’s bonus link is definitely the Procrastination Aid of the Week: The Doctor Who archive at the Den of Geek.

Gratuitous John Barrowman content: an interview with the Daily Mail

So, now come the casting rumours:

Confirmed: Patrick Stewart
Unconfirmed: that there might be a short episode for the Children In Need telethon featuring all seven surviving actors who have played The Doctor.
Unconfirmed: Tom Baker
Unconfirmed: Albert Finney (perhaps playing Winston Churchill)
Unconfirmed: Paul McGann (in a Time Wars storyline?)

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  1. Tom Baker on set would be so awesome.
    In Logopolis they did play around with the notion of ‘the next Doctor’ – the Terrance Dicks doctor lurks in the background as a mysterious character observing/helping the Tom Baker doctor save the universe. A nice plot idea and a good way of introducing the new doctor to the audience.

  2. I think the whole “Next Doctor” thing is Rusty being naughty and playing with us. Only time will tell, of course.
    That picture of John Barrowman with long hair in the linked article is freaking me out (in a good way– I like long hair). I doubt I would have recognised him if I’d seen it out of context!

  3. Tom Baker? Ha ha ha that’ll be the day!
    To see Paul McGann would be seriously awesome. And a nice way of wrapping up Eight, I think.
    So has Georgina Moffett been confirmed for any of the specials?

  4. Georgina Moffett has been rumoured but not confirmed, the rumours fueled by the current relationship between her and David Tennant. I guess it will depend on the shooting schedule for her other series, since RTD definitely left the door open for her character to reappear.

    Also, congratulations to Billie Piper on her firstborn, a healthy son.

  5. Oh, and David Morrisey is also confirmed for TND arc, yes?
    keris last blog post..Quick question

  6. I’ve heard rumors that Paterson Joseph is being considered for one of the next Doctors. On one hand, i’d be sad to not have David Tennant in that role anymore, but on the other? I adored Paterson in Neverwhere, and wouldn’t hate seeing more of him.

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