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When the hyperventilators about the homosexual agenda in the US describe the prospect of gays in the military as “radical social experimentation” “thereby disrupting military readiness and unit cohesion”, do they simply not realise that many other countries around the world have SSA personnel serving openly, for decades in some cases, without their military falling apart, or do they just not care?

Either way, it screams wilfully ignorant isolationism, doesn’t it?

Quotes from Matt Barber on WND via Pam Spaulding

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  1. And then there’s the stories about the Roman army encouraging homosexual relationships, basically coz you’re less likely to cut and run when the man you’re in love with (as it was in those circumstances) is standing beside you, both not running and vulnerable to that soldier headed towards you with a big-arse spear…
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  2. I’ve been watching this marvellous blog for a while… first time commenter and I want to thank you for such interesting commentary!
    What drew me out of lurkerdom was a question- I was wondering if you had any sources about openly gay and serving personnel in other military organisations around the world. In my limited research it seemed to me that military organisations almost seem to function on varying degrees of homophobia and I’d be very interested to read on organisations defy what I percieved to be a norm, if you happened to have any links!

  3. When I was watching those awful ads out of California for Yes on Hate 8, and they’re going on about how awful it will be and how Christian churches will be forced (forced!) to offer teh_gheys marriage ceremonies and people will be persecuted for not wanting to do photography for gay marriages and all this DRAMA omg….
    I live in a country that allows gay marriage. These things haven’t happened. Gosh, it’s almost like allowing gay marriage wouldn’t bring about the end of the world. Who knew?

  4. Lil, I don’t have any detailed reference for you, but Wikipedia has a brief article. 20 of the 26 NATO countries have no problems with openly gay and lesbian personnel, including the UK and France, who sit on the Security Council. Amongst those countries there is variation on whether orientation is just ignored or whether it is accepted (social clubs on bases, etc), but I couldn’t find full details on that.
    Australia ended our prohibition against homosexual personnel in 1992. The singular dearth of stories about any problems integrating open gays and lesbians in the years since tells its own story – it simply has not been an issue.

  5. Anna, the stuff about how churches are going to be forced to do this and that gives me a bad case of the LOLs. The minister in the Anglican church up the road refused to marry any couple where the woman was unwilling to vow to obey the man right up until he retired last year – how could any anti-discrimination law or other law about what sort of marriages are recognised by the State have forced a man like that to marry a same-sex couple? Legal recognition is simply not the same as a legal compulsion.
    Of course, churches have no tax-exempt status here, and that status is what the alarmists in the US have grasped so tightly as how the gummint is going to force churches to marry gays. As if that would work anyway – if it’s that important, the church can always just give up its tax-exempt status, just like they can do if they really want to preach direct instructions to their flock on political matters. Amazing, isn’t it, how many pastors in the US find themselves simply unable to uncouple their consciences from their hip pockets?
    But even taking the whole tax-exemption thing into account, since when has any minister/priest/pastor anywhere been compelled to marry anyone?

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