Friday Night Election Fun: Barack Wiggle

Inspired partly by this post at obama_daily but mostly by it being 2 in the morning at the time, I present to you: the sixth Wiggle, Barack Wiggle, with his sidekick Bill.

This will probably mean far more to people who have been to a Wiggles concert or two.

Hoop-de-doo, it's a Wiggly party Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

toot toot chugga chugga big red car

doinnnn the eagle rock

shhhh everybody count 1 2 3 wake up bill

wake up bill, ahahaha I was totes asleep there you got me

i love to dance in my pirate pants

Romp bomp a stomp

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8 replies

  1. Your Wiggle thing is brilliant. But if you’re gonna link to Obama Daily, you force me — force me, I say!! — to link to Biden Daily.
    It’s my duty.
    Watched Bill’s FL speech last night. Say what you want about his faults — which are, like, legion — but he brings home a political speech like no one else, up to and including Barack Obama. I was transfixed.

  2. Totally agree about Clinton’s speechifying (and his off-the-cuff speaking is pretty darn good, too).

  3. It took me a minute to realize in that one photo that Obama is trying to shush the crowd. It totally looks like he’s pretending to be an airplane or something.
    Cool new layout!

  4. I swear that big red car song is officially haunting me. Please promise that there will come a time when kids grow out of the wiggles.

  5. I’m not familiar with the wiggles.
    “I love to dance in my pirate pants”? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Renee: I think there does, actually. My six year old is becoming less interested. But the earworms may haunt you forever.

  7. @Lauredhel
    At least you have given me some hope. Between the wiggles and Barney I swear there is some conspiracy to pick the most annoying shows on television. Why can’t they just watch fat albert like I did? Oh well it could be worse, it could sponge Bob square pants.

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