Why yes, I am upgrading stuff

Bear with me while I sort out the inevitable bugs. I’m about to put the blog into Maintenance Mode again, so this is just a heads-up for those of you on Feed Readers.

UPDATE: ok, the biggest changes are done now. It should all work, and I’ll still do a bit of tweaking in the background

I’ve had at least one person email me that they can’t leave a comment. I’d enabled an option then that’s been disabled now, so hopefully that has fixed the problem, but maybe not. If you are having the same problem please let me know via “hoydenz” at that gmail place. RESOLVED.

UPDATE: I’m making this post “sticky” so that it stays at the top of the blog until I get the commenting problem sorted. RESOLVED

UPDATE: Whee! I seem to have identified the culprit (or at least narrowed it down to several possibles all of which are plugins I can live without for the moment (although I hope that I can make commentluv work again) so I’m unstickying this post. As you were.

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  1. Oh, and I think they’re acrobatic, not acobatic hoydens… Unless I am unfamiliar with this particular breed 😉

  2. Oh dear, am I going to have to do some editing in photoshop?

  3. Nicely spotted there, WP. And I second the vote of “purty!”

  4. Maudeness! Looks grrrrt!

  5. I love that Natalie Dessay photo in the ‘Hoydens’ side bar, and just can’t help but wonder what on earth she’s singing.

  6. Very nice 🙂
    mimbless last blog post..I’ve been redecorating

  7. Thanks Tim – you brought back the entire song as an utterly superior earworm! It’s from La Fille du Régiment.
    I will be uploading further hoydens over time.

  8. I like the lighter feel, but I don’t like three columns.
    Just sayin’

  9. I love that Natalie Dessay photo in the ‘Hoydens’ side bar, and just can’t help but wonder what on earth she’s singing.
    It’s your turn to do the ironing!
    (Which would be why the guy looks scared)

  10. It’s your turn to do the ironing!
    Dramatic irony!

  11. OK, there is now a live comment preview function. It has installed itself below the “Submit” button, strangely. I’d prefer to have it above, but trying to put it there breaks things.
    Commentluv is still also there, way down the bottom of the page – sorry.
    Eventually I should work out how to put both in a better position.

  12. Bother. Some people still getting a commenting error.
    OK, disabling commentluv for the moment to see whether that’s the source of conflicting code.

  13. Sigh. Have now disabled the live preview to see if that helps.

  14. I like the new layout!
    Also a big fan of not having to wait for the white background to load before I can read entries. 🙂

  15. I can comment, but I’m getting a fatal error below the “Comments for this post will be closed…” part.
    Also, I can no longer subscribe to comments, and this makes me a VERY sad Panda. 😦 <– Sad Anna In The Snow.

  16. I hope to have the Subscribe to Comments issue sorted shortly, Anna!
    Ah yes, I see the fatal error now. My fault, I didn’t conditionalise that string.

  17. How interesting – Safari works for you but not for others.

  18. There was a comment from Lauredhel above mine at #18 a second ago, I swear.
    I’m being gaslighted!

  19. Have looked into a few forums. It appears to be a problem with the upgraded version of WordPress rather than with the new layout.
    I’m just working out which workarounds will be best.
    In the meantime, it seems that people on some browsers don’t have a problem, and users who are logged on don’t have any problem. Should I change over to a registered commenter system, where people will have to log in to leave a comment? It will probably cut down on spam for us as well, but I’m wary to do it in case there’s a problem for some users in that that I haven’t considered.
    So, if you can leave a comment at the moment, please do and let me know what you think on moving to registration. If you can’t leave a comment at the moment, please send me an email with your opinion instead.

  20. posting while logged out to see what happens now that I’ve deactivated a couple of plugins

  21. Well, that worked, I just went into moderation because I used a different nym. Please, come and try to comment again, everyone!

  22. Love the new look, and I like it that there is more white space and less of the wallpaper. Like Zoe I think the double RH column takes up a wee bit too much space, but it’s easier to read text in a narrow column than one which is too wide. Very noice!

  23. OK, the best thing about this upgrade so far is that when I refresh a page, it returns me to the place where I was scrolled down to before. I like the new look and great work on the troubleshooting!
    ❤ Hoydens

  24. Another feature of this particular theme – if you scroll back up to the top of the page, the multimedia box on the right now contains a video which expresses just a teensy weensy little bit of how I was regarding my computer earlier today.

  25. Isn’t that an ad?

  26. @ Purrdence:
    Not as far as I’m aware. I just googled for “tough day” and this was one of the things that came up.
    If it’s an ad, what’s it an ad for? All it seems to be saying is that the chappie’s computer sucked – it’s not like he was suddenly presented with one that solved the problem instead.

  27. You have a pic of Dame Judi Dench! Win!

    Did you hear? She showed up at the Bond premier with 007 in a sparkly tattoo on the back of her neck.

    Gosh I want to be Dame Judi Dench when I grow up. *swoooooon*

  28. Hey, praise be! I have a voice!

  29. Testing too…

  30. Good to see some of you back. If anyone else is having trouble, please email me.
    ETA: I just realised my phrasing in the first sentence above sucks. It’s good to see all of you back who have commented again since the upgrade led to those commenting problems , it’s just that only some of you have done so!

  31. TimT, I just found the Dessay song on Youtube: Mon régiment. The moment in the photo comes at approx mark 2:55 – but watch the set-up. It’s some fine comic acting and the singing is sublime.

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