Otterday, and Open Thread

This sleepy baby sea otter comes via Dependable Renegade.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Having a mammoth pull the house apart and put it back together session in aid of clearing my brain. With the ex in the country, and being ‘ on call’ for his odd phone calls and waiting for the blow-ups or the disappointments to my son, it’s a necessary thing today.

  2. fp, I hope your weekend stays blow-up and disappointment free.
    We’re off to the local archery range to investigate joining the club and skewering some targets.

  3. Yay for you, mimbles. I stopped by yours the other day, and that’ll make another tick off the list of the year’s to-do list, won’t it? 🙂 Such tenacity! My resolutions always fall by the wayside within a month or so!
    And as always, fp, hope the ex (et al) behaves…

  4. Well – it’s all *ok*ish really. Mini FP being trotted out as ‘special occassions relative’ at the wedding (not invited to the ‘whole family’ gathering in Hawkes Nest). He looks swish though! 🙂 And I was *supposed* to study, but mini-meltdown meant study not a great plan…so doing very cathartic chuck out old crap/get to chores I’ve put off forever/time to potter and groom and just be on my own.
    Ooh! Archery…in Sydney? *Crosses fingers hopefully*. Mini FP interested in Archery and could be something to learn together.

  5. “Having a mammoth pull the house apart ”
    This just sounds so much worse than my weekend.

  6. It is a glorious, glorious weekend here in Perth, and there’s a whole lotta treehouse-building going on in our backyard.
    What I especially love about this: Partner is building the Lad’s treehouse out of his outgrown cot/toddler bed.

  7. So when will we see some photos?

  8. Photos – when it’s done. (If such a thing can ever be said to be done.)

  9. Well, we signed up for the beginner’s course (at Pennant Hills Park) but it’ll probably be January before they can fit us in…which is fine because it’ll be January before I have enough weekends free to do the 4 weeks in a row!
    We asked about kids and were told that they prefer kids to be 12 years old before they start because they don’t have the strength or patience to shoot an entire round of 90 arrows before then. There is a club that meets at Dee Why that states on their website that they welcome anyone from 6 years on, might have to investigate them as an option too.
    WP, I can’t believe how much I’ve managed to tick off that list, my resolutions normally last about 2 days! I was hoping to tick off the see a play that’s not Shakespeare one too but the closest I’ve got is getting my mum to give me tickets to a couple of Belvoir St productions next year for my birthday.

  10. @ mimbles:
    Sounds like a great course, Mim. My girl is also interested in archery, but we’re going to be away for two weeks in January so we’ll have to try it later instead. I’ll rely on your feedback.
    Thank the FSM, it’s gin and tonic time now.

  11. I am just so fucking pissed right now I can’t even say. I’m in a discussion with people who keep condescendingly explaining to me in their more-rational-than-thou way that anger is just such an ineffective method of conducting feminism, and they’re just trying to help, and why aren’t feminism’s tactics up for discussion, and Gandhi didn’t show his anger, and why won’t you give us the benefit of the doubt we’re just trying to help and on and on and on and I want to beat my brains out. Aaaargh! I quoted Letter from a Birmingham Jail at them and everything! I’ve been so willing to engage! Aaaaaaaaagh! I don’t even know what to say to them anymore.
    Um, yeah, just needed to blow off some steam. *punches things*
    …But if this comment posts, I’ll be happy! (er)

  12. HOORAY! Great work, tigtog! ❤

  13. Having a mammoth pull the house apart and put it back together
    Less damage than most subcontractors, I guess.
    FP I’ve been lurking on your blog but can’t comment – why is registration needed? Is ex being a nuisance?

  14. I went to the races today and watched Claire Lindop win the Derby on te 100/1 shot, Rebel Raider. I know there’s probalby not a lot of interest in horseracing here, but bear with me.
    Horseracing is deeply, deeply sexist and Claire as had to put up with so many owners not letting her ride their horses, ‘cos women are’nt strong enough don’t you know. She’s worked her arse off for years and finally it’s started to pay off big time. She’s a true hoyden.

  15. Good for Claire. Being a jockey is damned hard work, kudos to her for sticking to it until she shows she can so do it, so there!

  16. Claire is in the Melbourne Cup this year, riding one of Bart Cummin’s horses, so I think she should do pretty well from here. It sucks that she still needs the patronage, but now she’s in a position to change the system from within!

  17. Oh, Fine, well spotted — that’s exactly what you said would happen, isn’t it? I hope you won a bundle.

  18. Sadly no, PC. Neither did my Mum, who always backs her horses. But it was so lovely to see, I just burst into tears, as did the woman sitting next me. And the horse’s trainer, an old bloke called Leon McDonald who’s been very supportive said, it made him so happy that he could win the Derby with Claire and maybe people would take more notice of her. Well, Bart Cumming’s certainly has, as Mindy pointed out.
    She’s a good Adelaide girl, too.

  19. Claire did much better than the Wallabies, although how much of it was their own fault was debatable. My darling said that the only thing worse than the ref was the commentators.

  20. Quixotess @ 11…hope you have not suffered a rage induced aneurism! I feel angry for you. Gaargh!
    Last night was supervising trick or treating when a dad I really like kept telling me how political correctness has ‘gone mad’ and then told me stories of how you can’t sell cakes at fetes in England anymore in case someone poisons them. I was tired and not sure how to say politely ‘And in WHAT way is that political correctness??’.
    Ta for the info Mimbles…Son nearly 12! Hurrah we shall train to fight like elves!Mmm Legolas!
    Helen @13…ohno! I don’t know what or why!? I will try to find out – I may need to pick the brains of someone more technically minded than myself though.
    Just back from school fundraiser – Halloween/Fireworks night. Did my hour on the “Muscle Metre” (you know the thing where you whack something with a giant mallet and see if you can hit the bell?). Half deaf, and sore eyes from fireworks. Happily S.O bought a beer each and a nice bottle o scotch to share. All will be well. 🙂

  21. @ Lauredhel — I always wanted a treehouse. How lucky!
    @ Quixotess — total fail. While I think it’s best not to get OTT with anger, it is terribly useful.
    As for me, I’m panicking over the election and grad school apps and revising my resume and why did I sign up for Nanowrimo, why?

  22. The children have once again put some unidentifiable object down our only toilet…I swear they are going to make me old before my time.
    I would also like to say that if they weren’t so damn cute…aarrg. The little one made up for it by being positively the cutest bear on the planet for Halloween. Somehow I will survive their childhood. Oh one last thing if the unhusband makes one more crack about his super sperm I am officially going to loose it. Thanks for letting me gripe.

  23. I’ve just been polled by Morgan-Gallop! I find this kind of exciting!! But I’ve just let the lovely man out after we’ve had a few good laughs, and noticed that where I said I’d had some beer and some scotch in the last week, there are two empty bottles of red on the counter in clear view! Hahaha!
    Do you know, he asked whether I thought that women should run the house and let men get on with running the country and I let out this enourmous laugh. He said he asked why they would even ask such a question now, and was told that the graph showed the affirmative answers to be trailing off – right until the latter half of the Howard Govt when it started to spike again.

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