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I discovered a couple of nifty hacks while troubleshooting the commenting problems today. If you’re not using a Firefox browser while running a WordPress blog or using Gmail then this will be of no interest, but if you are then this may be of use to you. The beauty of these is that they are browser extensions that will work on any wordpress.org or wordpress.com blog: perfect for those like me who have several to maintain.

All scripts require the installation of Greasemonkey (the Internet Duct Tape pages have the necessary link):

At this juncture I should also mention how much I rely on one of Internet Duct Tape‘s other Greasemonkey scripts: Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress, a Greasemonkey extension which reconfigures the admin interface to compress all spam messages to single lines on a single screen. I would hate to go back to the old way of wading through screen after screen of spam.

Internet Duct Tape’s Greasemonkey extensions are simple and work like a charm. The Better Gmail extension is more complicated, but I do like both its interface and its output. If you do a lot of administration tasks for WordPress blogs, or rely on Gmail as your email archive, then give them a whirl.


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  1. I just have to say it warmed this old geek’s heart to see an ObSubject line. It was a brief and glorious trip back to USENET. Thank you.

  2. Stephen: both Hoydens are twentieth-century Usenetters… nice to see another. G’day.

  3. I do miss the old newsgroup tradition of Net Kook of The Year

  4. FXH, that brings back some memories! Ou sont les Archimedes Plutoniums d’antan?
    I don’t miss T*d H*lden though.

  5. Or *d C*nr*d.

    You’ve changed your gravatar I see. Just you, or is it the new trend?

  6. Some people are doing it on Twitter – it was mentioned at Tama’s place.

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