Otterday, and Open Thread

Via cuteotters, this wee baby otter. The Oklahoma Aquarium pup is one month old and taking its first steps and swim in public.

Bonus baby pygmy hippo from Taronga!

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. After a frenzied few weeks, it looks like my new answer to “what do you do?” is now pretty much going to be “I edit an online comedy guide”. I’m immensely chuffed with how well it’s going.
    I’m also about to see if I can reactivate the Comment-luv plugin this weekend without breaking the blog. That might balance the scales of hubris!

  2. The Todd River in Alice Springs is flowing for the first time this year, and it is the first time I have seen it. Probably only just for this one day.

    They say if you see it flow three times, you are a local.

  3. I’m going to be in the Age tomorrow talking about shoes, I think in M magazine. I’m not sure whether I am going to sound like a sane reasonable person or someone who wants to rip out and eat men’s livers (mmm… pate) because you never know with the media, but either way, if you read it, you’ll see me.

  4. Apologies for the profanity, but FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. The rest of the world goes, “Hey, this left-of-centre thing sounds good, and how about that global warming” but OH NO, we have to be all “Give the other guy a turn, cobber!” ARGH FUCK.

  5. I was just off to turn the news on now QoT, having tucked the Lad into bed with an extended bout of Harry Potter.

    Shit. My commiserations.

  6. I just want to say, I love otterday 🙂

    (The hippo video won’t load for me though.)
    I just got my severance check from my Silicon Valley employer of the last 9 years. That adds up to an ample cushion while I transition to my new life as a boho artist in the Pacific Northwest or somewhere 🙂

  8. Does anyone know how to go about cleaning holland blinds? I want to avoid taking them down, if possible, but I also don’t want to get water all over the carpet. (And even if I did take it down, I’m not sure I have a big enough area in which I could spread it out to clean it.)

  9. Is it raining in Alice again, Dave?
    When I went up there to be down with my Touristy self, it was pouring. It was awesome seeing water coming off The Rock. Oh look, a photo!

  10. Oh my gosh look!
    PUPPY CAM!!!!!!!!!
    … I am four.
    [admin magicked! ~ tigtog]

  11. Anna: that is an amazing photo!

  12. Thanks, Sophie! It was the best trip ever.
    Although I am selfish- one day I’d like to go to the desert and be dry.

  13. It’s is cellulitis Sunday here. The bairn’s foot swelled to the size of a small melon. I think we have narrowly avoided a hospital trip thankfully – I really didn’t fancy a weekend trying to prevent an uncomprehending bairn from ripping out his IV line.
    I’m celebrating by cooking dark treacly gingerbread and having a wee blub to Kate Bush’s Aerial. He’s celebrating by knocking off an entire bottle of Peach Tea cordial.

  14. Anna, it is back to the standard (for Alice) blue skies and sunshine today, but it was torrential on Friday. Yesterday we spent some time watching the kids play in the river. It was a wonderful site, kids (of all races) using the pipes under the road as water slides, and having incredibly messy mud fights, and generally having what looked like a day they’ll remember as one of their happiest.
    We are off on an expedition to the rock in a week, no idea whether it will rain on us or we will bake. We saw a fantastic lightning storm over Coober Pedy last week, I wonder if we will be lucky enough to see one over Uluru?

  15. What a great photo, Anna! I have been amusing myself with Shibacam regularly, too.

  16. Water coming off the rock? Cool! I managed to be there when there was a rainbow at sunrise. Gorgeous.
    Su: oh, that sounds like no fun at all. I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll avoid the IV.

  17. I just got my severance check from my Silicon Valley employer of the last 9 years.

    W00t! I’m, erm, hoping that “got” means “it didn’t bounce”?

  18. I’m, erm, hoping that “got” means “it didn’t bounce”?

    Heh! It was safe and sound in my checking account before I even knew it. (I’ve long had Direct Deposit.)

  19. Oi!
    The mums at school send me forwards sometimes. Sometimes they don’t make me want to top myself.
    Today was not that day.
    Under the heading of ‘potential problems’ of having Obama as Prez?
    A bill where all you can see are white eyes and white teeth. Ya GEDDIT? I am quietly trying to minimize the impact of the rage anuerism I’m having,

  20. FP: I received that one the other day, complete with another racist crack. Note that it’s a fifty cent note. For those who want to see it, it’s here.

  21. Sadly, I’m not at home, or I’d link up to Women In Hollywood, this pretty awesome blog about… um, well, women in hollywood. 🙂 I’m learning buckets of things – they have feedburner so it’s emailed to me and I read it every night at work.
    Oh… the visual link there helped me sort out what was meant by that pathetic joke. 😦 😦 😦 I was trying to sort out bill as meaning passing a law, not bill as in dollar bill.

  22. Oh cool. More racism in one shitty joke.

  23. Annoying Ad alert: Have you seen the new ‘Women are robots that supply you beer’ Heiken ads?

  24. Ok…on a totally frivolous note…I love Buffy. Yes, yes, I know, not unproblematic, but I love it. And my boyfriend is all Dutch and resistant. And he’s coming over tonight to watch…send me good vibes. I want him to like (or at least not mock as I will then have to lock him outside – and he *does* LOVE to mock!)

  25. June Tabor for Remembrance Day, in honour of my Grandfather who went to Flanders and died in’61, before I was born.
    I was a Buffy skeptic until I saw an episode. I just happened to be the musical one. I was hooked. There is Hope, FP! I grew up in a family of mockers. I do believe my sister physically attacked my elder brother for unrelenting mocking of Space 1999.
    Foot Update: Normal sized and healing OK. Phew

  26. It it IT! Not “I”. sheesh.

  27. Good news on the foot front, su!

  28. Oh! I’m so tired!
    The ex has finally left the country, but now I have a cousin staying with me. He’s been in a bad state the last little while and just told me he tried to kill himself a week ago. Amongst the zillions of other things this kid has on his plate his mum (who I expected better of) verbally attacked him when he told her he was in a relationship with a guy. I’m a bit depressed about the pressures he’s been under from the rest of the family. 😦

  29. Purrdence–those hit the US early this year or late last (I seem to remember them during football playoffs?). They disturb the hell out of me.

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