Belated SF Sunday: this week, it has to be “holograms”

So what did we all think of the CNN election-day holograms? (which weren’t really that at all, as one geek at our Votewatch pub lunch pointed out, and as the SMH technology section explains is technically known as a tomogram)

Back to proper holograms then – what are your favourite fictional uses of holograms in SF?

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  1. Dude, that shit was already stupid, but now I find out they weren’t even really holograms? Anderson Cooper lied to me. I expect this kind of trickery from Wolf Blitzer, but not you, Anderson . . .

  2. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? He was looking at a spot and pretending he could see
    Simon Pegg is not happy about the proliferation of speedy zombies, either. He quite rightly points out that this amounts to “Zombie lurch – ur doin it rong”. (via io9)
    Presumably by now someone’s already done the inevitable LOL-hologram with a “ur doin it rong” caption?

  3. TNG’s ‘A Fistful of Datas’, of course. In that terribly kitschy way. Voyager’s EMH is all right, too (he’s not ‘the Doctor’, in my mind, because there is only one Doctor), as is their whole Captain Proton story. Again, kitschy.
    I also love SELMA from Time Trax, one of my childhood pleasures. Yes, we had Time Trax here in the US!
    I can’t think of any good holograms in books, though. Can you?

  4. Oh! A non-kitschy use of the tomogram–John Anderton’s picture discs in Spielberg’s Minority Report. Heartbreaking. I secretly really love that movie, Tom Cruise or not.

  5. I have a fondness for the Holograms in Red Dwarf, specifically the ones on Holoship. I go around far too often quoting that episode – “We won’t be apart, we just… won’t be together. I can’t believe I just said that.”

  6. (he’s not ‘the Doctor’, in my mind, because there is only one Doctor)
    Yeah, Bones McCoy will never be replaced. 😉

  7. Red Dwarf holograms and Voyager’s EMH are my favourites.
    Tigtog, that Simon Pegg zombie article was great!

  8. I had a classical education – I liked the holographic surrogates used to interrogate Logan on his return to The City in Logan’s Run.
    There. Is. No. Sanctuary.

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