Belated Whoydensday Quickhit: Bill Bailey for 11?

Not really, that was just a throw-away quip in the comments to this comprehensive Den of Geek post about the various contenders who have been mentioned for the role (odds are given and everything).

Mind you, I think Bailey could be fantastic in the role (great contrast to Tennant), but although he would be a very popular choice within the UK, I’m not sure his quirkiness would go down so well with the fan-base in other countries, who appear to be more along the lines of slavering for the HAWT, and whom Auntie Beeb has to consider because Who is their most lucrative product line by far.

Bill Bailey in a Fawcett Society campaign T shirt If he does get the nod, I shall send letters demanding that he wears this shirt in the part.

The pipe has a definite air of Doctorishness, doesn’t it? What sort of coat should he wear to top off the look? I’m envisaging plus-fours with argyle socks, too.

Image source: The Anti Room (via the Fawcett Society)

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  1. If they cast for TEH HAWT, they’ll get it wrong. And don’t get me wrong, I love a sexy Doctor, but that sexiness has to come from something other than just physical appearance. I think Bill Bailey would make a fine Doctor, but personally, I’m still holding out for Adrian Lester.

  2. Oh my goodnes, why didn’t I think of that? I was hoping for Stephen Fry, but Bill Bailey would also be awesome. Russell T. Davies said never another doctor over 40, but I wonder what Moffat thinks on that?

  3. What a genius thought.
    But then it got me thinking – what about his Black Books Dylan Moran for a shambolic but still spunky doctor?
    another outspoken female’s last blog post..why voting rights like a license to drive should be reviewed with age

  4. what about his Black Books Dylan Moran for a shambolic but still spunky doctor?
    16 episodes of him drinking gargleblasters and complaining about all the people he has to rescue…
    “What do they want from me!”
    “Well, they want to be rescued.”
    “But me! Why do they come to me!”
    “Well, because you rescue people”
    “Aw, jayzuz!”

  5. Can I say OH YEAH!!! and we can save Stephen Fry for later- I’m sure he’ll be able to work it into his schedule..? Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to join that honour roll of AWHPD (Actors Who Have Played Doctor)

  6. But you can’t stick Bailey’s guitar into the guts of the Tardis as easily as you can stick a recorder. (Is anyone else old enough to remember Troughton and get the reference?)
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..Conroy: if you MUST filter, do it efficiently

  7. I’m torn now – Bill Bailey or Stephen Fry?
    Both would be fabulous for totally different reasons. And it would make me not resent Tennant’s depature.

  8. Bill Bailey would be brilliant.
    I hope they pick him.

  9. Simon Pegg with Jessica Hynes as a companion. Then you could have Spaced in space.

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