Amusing reporterly mis-step du jour

‘Health Shop’ sparks concern

Australia’s first “retail health shop” staffed by nurses able to prescribe drugs and order tests will open in Perth next week amid concerns it may lead to second-grade medical care.

I’m picturing a swipe of mercurochrome, a band-aid, and a kiss.

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  1. Let’s hope its better than “nurse on call” where they refer almost every caller to go to hospital or see their doctor.

  2. Grrrr! Rosa Capolingua’s complaining? That would be Rosa C the head of the AMA? The closed shop which is at least partly responsible for the dearth of GPs around here?

  3. Of course the “concerns” are the concerns of the doctors. Translation: OH NOES! Must.Protect.Monopoly. Nurses=death!!! Horrible, horrible DEATH!!!

  4. Thanks, Rebekka, for putting so much effort into trying to educate others on other blogs elsewhere (cough). I just can’t hack it myself at the moment; having the same arguments again and again and again… just to point out that it is noticed and appreciated!

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