Quote of the Day: Dame Vivienne Westwood, anti-feminist

From an interview in The Guardian, where Westwood is asked about her elder son’s career in pornography:

What does she make of his career choice? “It’s such a cliche, that pin-up styling,” she says. “I think it’s boring because of that. Otherwise, I think it’s fine. But I think he should make the women look more glamorous, more interesting. But then it probably wouldn’t be porn if the women looked too strong.”

Maybe it offends her feminist principles, I suggest. “Oh no, I’m anti-feminist,” she says. “They don’t see the wood for the trees and everything has to be viewed from this feminist point of view. I know women have suffered and I think it’s great that people stand up for women’s rights but the problem with feminists is that they somehow consider women to be superior beings. And in the end, they just want to be men anyway. They want to do men’s work.” I try to ask her what she means by “men’s work” but she steamrollers on. “[Feminists] certainly underestimate the power women [have had] in influencing their children, or men.”

Where to start, eh? Do have a go at dissection and analysis if your weekend is lacking in other entertainments.

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  1. So that’s it then. She always wanted a pornographer son! And she did a really good job of influencing him.

  2. Well, damn, she’s got me there. I never wanted to be treated like a real human being, I just want to be a MAN! And do men’s work, by which I’m presuming she means “anything that does not involve being barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.” Oh, wait, I might be allowed to keep knitting.

  3. I assume when she says “…everyone is not thinking.”, she includes herself. It’s hard to tell whether the interview really was as incoherent as it sounds, or whether the writer has tweaked us to make us think Westwood was high at the time.

  4. Another day, same old creaky straw man…

  5. So great to have it pointed out to me that I just want to do man’s work. All my issues with society are now solved. Huzzah! I guess I can get back to the kitchen now.

  6. Lol your straw feminst. 😛

  7. She’s always been like that, which is really tiresome. I think she just does it to get attention. Her own life has been anything but a conventional domestic one.

  8. “they somehow consider women to be superior beings. And in the end, they just want to be men anyway.”
    Feminists think men are the inferior gender,
    Feminists want to be men,
    Therefore feminists want to be the inferior gender.

  9. I was reading Bitch at work the other day and my coworker, bless his wee cotton socks, was shocked – shocked! – that I would be reading a feminist magazine.
    “Feminists all want to be men!” he insisted, in his shocked – shocked! – voice. “And you, you are such a lady.”
    … yeah. That’s me.
    Of course, last year I was reading the same magazine and was informed that I hated women.
    Anna’s last blog post..Once a Soldier, Always a Mn

  10. God, it really gets to me when women with fantastic careers of their own speak out against feminism.

  11. So that explains the tartan thing then…

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