My faith has been shattered

…in the YouTube community. I hear the brilliant Greg Proops utter an immortal line about Presidential Elves (wouldn’t you totally watch a show about presidential elves?) on Whose Line Is It Anyway? (the Clive Anderson hosted version) while I’m in the kitchen making coffee – and I can’t find it on YouTube anywhere!


Greg Proops

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  1. But at least SBS is being marvellous: my Google News alerts alerted me to this post asking whether I had missed some comedy brilliance on Wednesday night (I’d caught one recommended show but not the other), with the good news that I can catch what I missed on the SBS Newstopia website until the next program airs. Yay!

  2. *sad nod* I got this just this morning when I was looking for Bush’s May 2006 address on immigrant reform.
    Hive mind, why do you fail us?
    Weird how we come to rely on Youtube as a service.

  3. Yes, I suggested on my blog the other week that there should be a word coined for the feeling of thwarted and baffled entitlement when you can’t find exactly what you want by googling, or on youtube or wikipedia.

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