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Stephen Colbert this week looked at the case of Jerilea Zempel, a fibre artist who was arrested at the US/Canadian border a couple of months ago – for having drawn an SUV. The drawing was a base sketch for a project to crochet an SUV-doily. (You can read one of the original press reports here.)

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Inka, an alien coffee press.



Venice is underwater. Yes, yes, I know; more so than usual. The Big Picture reports.



This octo-dress is rather delightful. As is much of the rest of this Vecona Fashion Show “Cabaret Gothique” collection. Check it out.



Here’s some fun: StateStats.


This tool shows you how popular a Google search query is in each U.S. state, giving a ranking like the one you see in the left column. It then compares this ranking with other ways of ranking states, like average income or population density, using Spearman’s rank correlation.


Some PUA bugging you? Want to get rid of him? Pretend you’re giving him your number, and play the douche card. [Via GiggleSugar.]


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  1. Ha! Zempel’s reading a copy of Bitch magazine on that park bench. And, hey, I saw that Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting show in NYC. It was teh awesome.

  2. I don’t yet need to use a wheelchair, but when I do there is the TankChair

  3. Hi Glad you liked the Colbert Segment. I’m much less serious than they made me out to be! Just one bit of info: I wasn’t arrested at the border. I was just detained and questioned.
    Thanks for your interest!
    Jerilea Zempel

  4. Hi Jerilea – thanks for coming by. I didn’t read you as “serious” in that at all; more as dryly humorous, perfect for the Report.
    I had briefly forgotten about border detention without arrest. Scary stuff.

  5. I’d heard about Zempel via my RL self contacts in the fiber arts community, she says, knitting. I’m glad that she got airtime for that. Brill.
    As for state rankings, I’m totally not surprised that Wisconsin is not only high for beer (duh), but also high for coffee. We gots a lot of Lutherans here, after all.

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