Remove liquids from vicinity of keyboard before watching

You think this publicity picture is naff? Wait until you see the whole video (if your bandwidth can stand it, get the full hi-res effect by choosing the BIG option).

via Helen in comments at LP.

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  1. WTF. Where’s Simon Cowell when you need him?

  2. I would pay money to listen to Simon Cowell pronounce a litany of disdain against that clip.
    ETA: how distracting was the switch from moustached when holding a sword to no moustache when holding a guitar?

  3. That’s *amazing*.

  4. Oh dear
    Green-screen: It’s a privilege, not a right.
    (And can somebody feed that guy a mars bar or something, he looks like his last holiday was in Belsen).
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Hadron Collider wrecked by helium leak

  5. Jeebus! It’s so Countdown in the ’80’s. I used to produce band clips then, so this brings back many hysterical memories.

  6. DEM: Agreed. I just sort of stared slackjawed.
    Not to mention they can’t decide which fantasy time period they’re going for. Renaissance? Dark Ages? Enlightenment? I saw all of them!

  7. If this guy is deliberately doing retro-kitsch homage to New Romantics/Glam Rock then that would be fabulous, and if this turns out to be some viral I’ll say well-played! His IMDB bio, full of comedy stuff, suggests this is a real possibility.

  8. idk, Tigtog–it could be. Or it could just be another famous person’s son doing the OMG MUST BE AWESOME thing.
    Either way, best video ever. I mean, seriously.

  9. Oh, dear maude. 1985 called, hon, and it wants its DX7 synthesizers back.

  10. You can have his DX7 synthesisers when you pry them from his cold, dead hand!

  11. Bene, I don’t actually think he could get the budget to do a film clip like that without an ironic intent and envisaged future pay-off. It wouldn’t be enough to just be Entitled Celebrity Offspring. That clip cost serious money to be that cheesy.

  12. That’s what I thought. It takes some effort and a lot of cash to make it look so plastic. The clincher must be the peekaboo, here one moment gone the next, colour mismatched zorro moustache.

  13. If it is a joke, it is seriously well done. How he could keep a straight face through all that I don’t know.

  14. Just to be a misery guts and bring everybody down, but I looked at the embiggened version and noticed that horse’s bit. WHAT THE F**NG F**K. Whoever who put that thing on that animal should be prosecuted. All in the name of fantasy, of course.

  15. @ Helen:
    I’m far from an expert, but it seemed to be a hackamore? I don’t know how problematic hackamores may be in the animal abuse stakes, of course. I only know that they’re fairly traditional, which doesn’t make it right but may make it a matter of thoughtlessness rather than malice.

  16. (delurking finally, after the xmas drinks on Sunday)
    It’s hard to pick a favorite part, but I think the highlight is where he tears his shirt open to reveal… blinding white light! Apparently, where ordinary people have a torso he has pure awesome, or something.

  17. I saw it as a particularly vicious spade bit. If it’s a hackamore it’s little better in the hands of someone who bounces up and down like a little girl in a Thelwell cartoon (if you’re old enough to get the reference 😉 )
    Now I’ll stop being such a downer.

  18. I think I needed more wine to actually make sense of the images … I think there was some kind of narrative present, but what it was seemed to be a bad mix of bodice-ripper, time travel, fantastical myth-bending and an healthy dose of pretension. *highly amused*
    Definitely more alcohol required to appreciate it properly – thanks for the laugh!

  19. If there’s one question I want answered about that it’s this: What’s with the crocodile?
    For some reason that jumped out as completely incongruous. Perhaps because it was the only thing that looked real! LOL
    Curi-oz, I was wondering about the narrative thing too, I think you may have hit upon the solution to making it seem cohesive, need booze!
    *is bemused*
    mimbles’s last blog post..This weekend

  20. Oh, and Helen, I love Thelwell 🙂 All those evil Shetland ponies lol

  21. That was made of very good cheese!

  22. (Following Andrew in delurking to marvel at the torso-o- light.) I don’t really care what the intention was behind this masterpiece – it made my day, and possibly my holidays! My favourite part was the stock footage of the ship blowing up, intercut with the pirate ship footage. Brilliant!

  23. No, I think you need DRUGS.
    Perhaps booze also.

  24. It’s hard to pick a favorite part, but I think the highlight is where he tears his shirt open to reveal… blinding white light! Apparently, where ordinary people have a torso he has pure awesome, or something.
    Replace “pure awesome” with “the figure of Skeletor”.

  25. best. video. ever. 😀

  26. Zoolander called, he wants his Blue Steel back.

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