Friday Hoydens: random boisterousness

I have no idea what the history of this picture is. I found it on Facebook, being used as the photo-logo for an event that someone was going to. I have no idea whether these are actual nuns or women wearing costumes for a play or a party. I just love the total glee.

What are your favourite photos that you’ve come across on the Web of random women having boisterous fun?

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  1. Don’t know if its boisterous fun, exactly, but it is fun.
    Alice Ochs and Rev. Gary Davis

  2. Oh, it is fun – looks like she was caught mid-spin or something.

  3. I’ve always loved the one Zoe uses as her avatar – Zoe, what’s the origin / story of that one? It’s absolute pure joy.

  4. It’s not a photo, but it’s boisterous enough to make up for that: Smart Girls at the Party.
    It’s a web show. Amy Poehler (of Saturday Night Live) interviewing young girls about their lives and interests. One of the interviewees is a seven-year-old feminist, and every episode ends with a dance party. The whole thing just rocks so hard.
    Angus Johnston’s last blog post..Students End 30-Hour New School Sit-In

  5. Helen, I seem to remember Zoe saying something about how she turned the original photo upside down, but more than that I don’t know.
    Angus, I’ve heard a few recommendations for that Amy Poehler web show and haven’t chased it up yet. I might watch a few episodes with the tigling over our hols.

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