Happy Holley-Days

This is just soooo British, somehow. This is the fifth year that the Holleys of Yeovil, Somerset, have decorated the topiary globe in their front garden as a Christmas pudding.

Retired Roger, who worked at Yeovil District Hospital, said he was given the idea to transform it into a pudding by his 10-year-old granddaughter.

He said: ‘She took one look at the tree and said “that looks like a massive Christmas pudding!”.

‘So we decided to take things a bit further and decorate it appropriately.

The entire creation is lit up at night using specially adapted Christmas tree lights which he slots into the berries and the leaves.

Valerie said: ‘It’s a very unusual thing to have in your front garden, I admit.

‘But to see the children’s faces as they walk past it is a real treat. It’s our present to the community.’

Dip of the lid to flodnak on facebook

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  1. That is kind of cute! 🙂 Mind you, I am half-British, so I suppose that sort of thing would make sense to me!!

  2. This is really quite charming.

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