Happy Solstice from the Flickr Folk

From the sunrise at Norfolk Island, Australia’s Easternmost point:

And sunrise at Cape Byron, the eastest point on the mainland:

And sunrise at Kakadu:

To the sunset, in the outback:

And sunset at Monkey Mia:

And sunset at Cottesloe Beach:

Happy Solstice, everyone!

[click on each photo for image credit. Courtesy of the Flickr folk and Creative Commons.]

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  1. Happy Solstice all!

  2. Happy Solstice everyone!
    All today I’ve had the phrase “at the turning of the year” from Les Mis popping into my head, a cross between an earworm from my daughter’s Les Mis auditioning (she didn’t get a part, much sadness) and this pivotal point in the year.
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  3. Thank you for these. I’m in North America, so hitting the winter solstice, and a reminder that sun and light and warmth exist is just what I needed to combat some of the cold and dark that’s seeping in here. Thanks.

  4. io saturnalia, hoydens! (why pick a day when you can have a whole week?)
    thanks for the stimulation this year.

  5. Great photos, Lauredhel! I meant to post a link earlier to a webcast of the solstice hitting the same point in a megalithic tomb in Newgrange, Ireland as it was meant to do by the builders 5000 years ago, but I forgot to hit the submit button before I went out to see Wayne Brady at the State Theatre. You can look at the archive footage though.

  6. tigtog: That’s so Indiana Jones.

  7. Blessed Solstice to you too 🙂

  8. Happy Solstice.

  9. Oh, these are gorgeous, lauredhel, thanks! Happy solstice, all. And bring on the light.
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