Femmostroppo retrospective 2008

Nominations for the most memorable feminist posts of 2008 will open soon. See last year’s post for guidelines. This year the collection will be published by the end of January, deffo!

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  1. Oh hurray, I’ll start with some from this year’s Shapely Prose:
    Sweet Machine’s On Temptation (and Jeans) (And Stress, Anger, Habit)
    Fillyjonk’s On Twilight, Romance, and Anti-feminist Ideas (And Why Fat Men Need Feminism)
    Kate Harding’s Dear Oprah
    And lauredhel, are you eligible for one you posted (The Obese) somewhere other than here? : )

  2. Mommy Wars Bingo
    I write letters, in this case, about the way the media discusses abortion.
    MomTFH’s last blog post..Health Care Community Discussion

  3. As usual, I haven’t been keeping notes throughout the year and of course my brain’s rooted. But I think Deborah of A Strange Land’s Re-Imagining Work series part 1, part 2 and part 3 would definitely be my pick. The links I’ve supplied here are from the Hand Mirror where she cross posted it but they are on her own blog as well.

  4. I would also recommend the two posts on Monica Dux and Zora Simic’s The Great Feminist Denial: Lauredhel’s Monica Dux thinks I’m bad for Feminism’s image and Guest Hoyden Bluemilk’s Does it take a divisive Stereotype to catch a Divisive Stereotype?

  5. Thank you Helen, for your nice words about my work posts. But among the things that got me thinking about work/life balance, beyond the usual background noise of my thoughts, that is, was your post Some reflections on gender in my workplace, the Heath Ledger Memorial Dogs Home (and Cattery).
    And then there was the post about The Glass Floor. That one has stayed with me.
    I strongly recommend these posts.
    Right… off to do a little more thinking about posts that have grabbed me this year.


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