So much for the plan to do some serious blogging today

My front door has, literally, just come off its hinges. So I can’t leave the house until it’s fixed. Tried screwing the plates back in but can’t get it to hang so that it closes.

Couldn’t take the kids to band practice (they’ll have to catch the just-slightly-too-late bus that gets them to school 5 minutes after the roll call bell instead).

It’s the only day of the week that I drive them to school too.

So, do I keep on trying to rehang the door, or do I just call the door shop and get them to send me a new one?

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  1. From your brief description, it sounds like you actually might have a problem with the screw holes being stripped (since the plates won’t screw back in properly). If that’s the case, you’re going to have to get whatever that stuff is that’s used to fill them in and drill new holes, and a new door won’t help. Unless you mean that the plate is still attached to the frame, rather than the door . . . in which case a new door certainly would help! Or, you could just do with the door what I suggested with the frame.
    But I could just not have enough information, or be misunderstanding the issue.

  2. @ Cara:
    It does appear to be the screw holes that are the problem (for the bottom hinge plate) – they’re poking at all angles instead of being nice and perpendicular to the door jamb.
    All the neighbours are at work and the door is too heavy for me on my own to take it off the hinges entirely so that I can fully examine the problem. Time to phone for a carpenter. And cancel a couple of appointments.

  3. Bummer! Good luck with it tigtog and I hope that your day end with a door in its place without too much mucking around.

  4. Yup, sounds like that time indeed. Good luck!

  5. Oh boo! That sucks Tigtog!!

  6. Yay for local handyman! I googled, I rang around, and I got one guy’s wife in a neighbouring suburb. When I told her my predicament, she told me to ring her husband and tell him that she said he HAD to come and help me ASAP.
    He sorted it all out in about 20 minutes. Now he’s going back to the job he was doing in another neighbouring suburb so that he can put on the second coat of paint.

  7. Yay! Glad that’s sorted Viv. I had this picture of you trying to rassle that door back into place. 🙂

  8. Unlike Cara, I have no good advice (so glad it’s sorted now), but just offering up empathy because the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. With us it was the lock mechanism that’d gone. The way expensive locksmith, out of the sheer kindness of his heart (I wasn’t looking pathetic or anything) just happened to have Lock Guts in his truck belonging to the same kind of lock, so it could be fixed for $60 not $400. But I had to swear to eternal secrecy that the job was “service/repair” otherwise his employer would GET HIM for not screwing the customer enough.
    I am lost in admiration of your kids. As a person proficient in drums and guitar I can’t get my offspring to learn even the bongos. Fail.

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