Autumn, blessed autumn

This time of year makes my heart sing!

It was 38* degrees yesterday (bleurgh), 30 degrees today (hmm), but it’s now cooling down with a plunge and a sigh. Not one day in the next week is going to be over 27 degrees, and there are chances of a shower here and there.

Soon, the green will show. I hold my breath. Here is what our autumn looks like.

All photos are courtesy of the Flickr folk who have kindly offered their images under a Creative Commons licence. Click through for full versions.

1. Leptospermum in autumn, 2. banksia pod, 3. Grevillea petrophiloides, 4. wattle against the sky, 5. day nineteen: morning, 6. Banksia ericifolia 080516-7407, 7. Dorrigo Waratah – Alloxylon pinnatum, 8. flannel flower

*If you’re still in one of those places working in Fahrenheit, ask yourself why, then use this handy translation guide.

38 deg C = 100.4 deg F
30 deg C = 86 deg F
27 deg C = 80.6 deg F

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  1. Waaaaaa… I wanna go back to Australia.

  2. And I was working in my garden yesterday thinking “I love the spring!”. I’ve violets and primroses in flower, a plum tree about to blossom, it was warm enough to go without a coat for the first time in months, and the birds were getting into some serious jamming.
    Another benefit of reading this blog – 2 seasons in one!

  3. I’m loving autumn mornings this week – it’s too warm at night still to sleep in the flanny PJ trousers, but they’re perfect to pull on for pottering around in the cool morning. This morning I even dragged out the (light) dressing gown.

  4. Really is the best time of year. How are your feijoas going Lauredhel? My tree has fruited early this year -usually I am picking at Easter time.

  5. su: No fruit on them, but I didn’t expect that in the first year! They have about doubled in height over the summer, so I reckon that’s pretty good. And they look happy.

  6. Yo, your autumn? It looks a little *pointy*.

  7. Yo, your autumn? It looks a little *pointy*.

    And you thought it was just our fauna.

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