Daily Femmostroppo Reader – March 18, 2009

Items of feminist, political and scientific interest found recently in my RSS feed

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  1. Th at “Women, Wait Your Turn” thing is so reminding me of what’s going on here. They basically made Equal Pay for Equal Work a “negotiating issue” with unions instead of a “human rights tribunal claim”. Our so-called left-wing liberals (see: currently trying to court the evangelical vote, although this is new – I voted for them in the past) keep arguing that they have to support the budget because otherwise the budget won’t be passed and it will be THE END OF THE WORLD (even though this budget is doing nothing for women, for working families, for childcare, for any of the things the Liberals said they stood for when they ran in the last election) and are arguing if we don’t like it we should vote them into a majority next time because THEN THEY’LL FIX IT FOR US.

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