Bozo howling into the void of the moderation filter on another blog, how is redacting text in your comment NOT a “moderation decision”? Moderating doesn’t mean just hitting the delete button, you know. I’m not the one who is being inaccurate here.

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  1. Been watching him… wot a dork. My sympathies, tigtog

  2. Also been watching, and also think he/she is a dork. In my view you’ve been fair given some of the rubbish that person has come up with, to say nothing of the dishonest debating with those who are wanting to engage in good faith on what is often a controversial topic.

  3. You have every reason to be aggravated, and that thread seems to be going around in circles.

  4. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but lord people get pissed off when they’re not invited into every single conversation on the internet, don’t they?

  5. In a thread on Pharyngula where they are doing a Troll Survivor Immunity Challenge one commentor states it succinctly:

    As someone recently (and correctly) pointed it, you are being censured not for your views, but for the various dull, vile, or intransigent ways in which you repeatedly promote them.

    But they always think it’s just about their opposing views.

  6. Regarding one of the other problem posters on that thread, the one who has taken his bat and ball and gone home, there seems to be a bit of a backlash. I saw the comment of his that you deleted and it shat me to tears. You were right to delete it, as it was bloody offensive to a number of us and in clear violation of the comments policy.

  7. @ Pavlov’s Cat:
    Thanks Pav. Although I didn’t wish for him to leave, and will miss his purely amusing contributions, I’m not grieving all that hard. It’s not the first time he’s had a comment deleted, although it has been a while.
    Besides, I reckon he’ll be back.

  8. Well done TT, and you’ve kept your temper. I would have blasted him and his arguments long ago. As for the other, reminds me of the ‘best thread ever’ you posted last week and I shan’t be back.

  9. As I tweeted, I saw certain names in the Recently Commented list and knew I couldn’t even lurk on the thread. Bravo to those more couragous than I. This quisling salutes you.

  10. @ Mindy:
    Oh, I loved that thread, Mindy.
    I’m now being lectured about right of reply in the mod queue over there. Dude, you’ve got your own blog. Everybody who wants to know where it is knows where it is.

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